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September 25, 1969 CITY HALL ATLANTA, GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404


Housing Resources Committee

Housing Coordinator

Mr. Collier B. Gladin
Planning Director

City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Collier:

Enclosed is a complete revision, dated August 15, 1969, (as of July
31, 1969) of Status Report on the Low and Moderate Income Housing program
in three sections: Summary, Inventory and Index.

As you will note, the Inventory of projects has many blank spaces,
which were intended for insertion of certain data, which the limited facilities
and staff of this office have precluded obtaining the desired information
necessary to complete the forms. The principal items needed are bedroom
composition, monthly rentals or payments, estimated or actual time for
completion and name and telephone number of local contacts from whom
specific additional information may be obtained,

In as much as you have proposed that an element of your Department
could serve as the staff research arm of the Housing Resources Committee,
Iam therefore submitting to you herewith the attached copy of this latest Low
and Moderate Income Housing Status Report, prepared by this office, with
request that your Department complete the blanks on the current Inventory
dated August 15, 1969, make changes in status of development of existing
projects and add such additional projects to the Inventory as are appropriate,
through October 3l, 1969, and return this report to me by November 10, 1969,
showing the additional information, in order that this office may prepare a
complete revised report as of November 15, 1969, showing comparative figures
with those contained in the Second Annual Report of November 15, 1968. This
information is essential and will be very much appreciated,

September 25, 1969
Mr. Collier B. Gladin
Page Two
Sally Pickett and Helen Meyers of your office are anxious to see the

current enclosed report and to extract certain information from it for your files.


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator


Encl; Revision of complete Status Report on the
Low and Moderate Income Housing Program
dated August 15, 1969 in three sections,

cc: Mr. Cecil A, Alexander
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr..-~

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