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Questions by Legal Panel
Housing Resources Committee
Whether or not the entire City should be rezoned, and if so, whether they would
employ the 1983 Land Use Plan as their basic guide?
Their position on package zoning, i.e., disbursing public housing units throughout all quadrants of the City, and, in particular, whether each candidate would
favor public housing in the ward in which they presently reside, if land could be
located that was feasible in cost, and if the requisite community facilities were
Should the· City undertake to construct public housing units with public funds to
· provide for its poor, and do they feel that priva te enterprise is capable and
willing to meet this need, should the City not continue the fostering of public
Does a public housing unit of the caliber of the John 0. Chiles Project on Ashby
Street lower or improve prqperty values and the standards of the community, if it
were placed in (a) a slum neighborhood; (b) a lower middle class neighborhood;
(c) a middle class neighborhood; (d) an upper class neighborhood?
Do you feel that the Atlanta School Bo a rd should be given the right, and should
exercise the right, to lease school buildings from a private developer in order
to provide the requisit e cornmunity facilities in a l a rge public housing project,
as opposed to the present system of having to a cquire the land in fee simple
before being able to use it for school purposes?
Do you feel that the present Housing Resources Committee, consisting of one
staff man, one secretary, with the Chairman and the rest of the Committee
being engag e d in private enterprise, should be abolished, e x panded, or
What is your position on the proposal that a separate housing department be
created for the City with a department head holding equal dignity with other
departments, a full time staff, and sufficiert secretarial assistance?
What would be your position on a specific grievance procedure relative to
eviction and discipline in Atlanta Housing Authority projects?

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