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Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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De - March 21, 1969 ee



Memorandum for File
From: Mr. J. A. Smith, Chief Inspector

Friday afternoon at 2:00 P.M. Mr. Wofford asked me to attend
a meeting with him. At the meeting were the Mayor, Mr. Sterns, Mr.
Gladin and Mr. Openshaw. The meeting was called because of the
letter from Mr. Wofford to Mr. Landers requesting advice as to whe-
ther the Building Department should mail notices to owners to com-
plete repairs to structures, residential structures located within
the Markham-Haynes and Lightning Areas,

It was pointed out that this would probably be and conflict
with the zoning in the area. In the discussion that followed, it
was decided that the proper method to follow would be for us to
proceed with mailing the notices to the owners for full code com-
pliance and then when owners came in to obtain permits, they would
be informed of the need for obtaining a variance in zoning to allow
repairs to be made. At this time, owners would be referred to Mr.
Gladin who would set up a meeting before the Zoning Variance Commit-
tee with no charge to be paid by the owners. Then, after the Vari-
ance Committee agreed for the repairs to be made, then the Building
Official would be clear to issue permit for said repairs.

We are planning to proceed with the mailing of notices to gen-
eral owners throughout these areas and in the case of Mr. Andrew
Stephens, who is one of the major owners in the area, we plan to take
a slightly different approach. Mr. Stephens last Thursday advised me
that he was anticipating a loan from Mills B. Lane, C & S Bank, to
proceed with the repair of probably every other structure which was
owned by Mr. Stephens. He indicated that a definite plan might be
submitted to Mr. Wofford for permits to be issued on these properties
judged suitable for repairs by him during the week beginning March
17th. In view of this, both Mr. Wofford and myself felt that it might
be well to hold Mr. Stephen's notices in the office at least until the
latter part of the week of the 17th to see if plans are submitted for
permits issuance. If this does not take place, I plan to contact Mr.
Stephens and ask that he come by the office or that I be allowed to
meet with him at his convenience to serve the notices of repairs to
him in person and possibly discuss an amicable method of reaching a
successful conclusion to our problems in this area.



In rehabilitation areas other than those of the current action year,
the City Building Department will participate in response to compliants
or undertake investigation based on any information that indicates a
need for early inspection. New Housing Code cases will be undertaken
in accordance with Department personnel capability and on a full code
compliance basis.

Demolition Policy - Model Neighborhood Area

The Atlanta Housing Authority is fully responsible for demolition
activities in NDP current year clearance action areas. When emergency
situations occur necessitating prompt action on particular structures
in the clearance areas, the City Building Department will become
involved by referral from the Atlanta Housing Authority.

In demolition areas other than-those of current year action areas,
the Building Department will become involved only on a compliant
basis. Full code compliance will be effected with the exception

. that generally no installation of additional equipment or facilities
will be required. A possible exception will arise if it is deter-
mined that the failure to install additional equipment may result
in immediate jeopardy to the health, safety on general welfare of
inhabitants in a structure. “Assistance in the determination of —
this exception may be requested from a “technical board" to be
developed in conjunction with the Model Cities Housing Center and
NDP Project Office.


It has been further concluded that if at all possible the Model Cities
Program should provide some code enforcement staff to supplement the
limited personnel resources of the Building Department in the Model
Neighborhood Area.


cc: Mr. William Wilkes
Mr. James Smith
Mr. Eric Harkness

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