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Analysis of Housing Authority
Report on Residence of Tenants (3-10-69)

Interviews were made in all projects.

4,130 families were interviewed out of approximately 10,500
in occupancy. This should provide a fair sampling.

Leased Housing and McDaniel Street project reflect most
recent occupancy and therefore should be indicative of
current trends.

Percentages have been calculated on Summary Report and on
Leased Housing and McDaniel Street Project (separately).

Question 1, indicates that Overall and in McDaniel Street
project less than 10% of the families have lived within
the City Limits under five years; and in Leased Housing
about 15% have lived in the City Limits under five years.
Additional boxes "5-10 yrs." and "10-20 yrs." and ‘dver
20 yrs." would give greater value to Question 1,

Question 2 indicates that Overall, about 18% of the occupants
have lived in Public Housing less than a year; in Leased
Housing 78% less than a year; and in the McDaniel Street
project 86% less than a year. Overall, 36% have lived in
Public Housing over five years, in Leased Housing 6% over
five years and in the McDaniel Street project 9% over

five years,

Question 3, "what place did tenant come from" is somewhat
vague since no period of time is indicated. Apparently
at some time in their lives 3,570 tenants moved into
Atlanta from other areas and 560 were lifetime residents
of Atianta.

The answer to Question 2 indicates that 3,773 or
91.3% of the 4,130 tenants interviewed have lived within
the Atlanta City Limits over five years and that only
13 of the tenants have lived in Atlanta less than one year.

Question 3 should be clarified prior to any further
surveys being made. Perhaps it should indicate where tenant
lived 2-3 years prior to time limit of at least one year,
now required for establishing residency in Atlanta, before
becoming eligible for Public Housing: On next survey,
Question 3 should alee include a fourth box (Inside City
Limits of Atlanta).

8. Question 4 "Reason for coming to Atlanta" shows consistency
throughout that;
"To get better jobs’ - predominates.
“To live with relatives" - is second most predominant reason.
"To get better housing" - is third most predominant reason given.
However, any or all of the reasons giver could involve
housing, as is shown by the fact that regardless of primary

' peason for coming to Atlanta all of these now occupy Public
public items show