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£;,. 7 ; ;.c.,. t P
24 v
Mr e Ce c i l A. Al c :irn ndcn:, Chnh.--m~ n .
Hous i ng Res ources Co. mittao
Attn c hod ( Encl. l) is c opy o f Mcn:io f r om Er i c l.ill Assoc i n t cs to
Coll ier Glnd in p eut i t l ed " f.:.;;;pm-:cJod Moans To Lowo i:• Cos t Ilousi ncs 11 •
Collier bns d is c 1sned tbis briefly with Da n Sweet with v ie~ t o undort nki ng an up<latcd a 1d oxp3ndod study of the housin~ ~or t ion of t he
CIP. T~is ~ouli pre~ umnbly bo ~ono by Eric llill AsGociotes .
Dau fcsls p and so de I , t ha t tho iuit i ntion of nny mn j or upcl 21ting study on hous ing i n At lanta shoul d bo i ni ttatcd by th~
llousi nc Reuour ces Committee •
r:ric Hill Associotos i s p0:r 1nps the best housing , pln . n i nrr
c onsul t~nt :\.rm I 1 now an tho1·e
l ittle c011tq • i1c<l :tn t 10 ntt ~ched
proposal w t h , . ·doh I disagi:ce ., Bo mvo •, i t ,eems '-"'Or, ewilat :t u--,
appr,j:n·iatc to iuit :..1te a11other c nj or stu y •;,; wu wo ':rn ve no t -Tct
b oon able to l rop l<. neut the 1~c-!Ot1?.'>.Cn<fa tionu of the Pl"ovious tu-dy ,
al th o~c~ we a?e fully a~nre of t~o m3jor fnct o~s which o-e st ill
holdin~ up mplc~ontat ion of t ho pro •ious st 1dy .
Tho f ollo~i ng
arc s o~e o~ tho ,, ore i opoi- t n 1t of t'1ose :

'rho num "c.~r ono p:r.oblcro of cou1·so is gat ting
site approvnls .
Other dif.:ficulticw \,hich trn ve no t been
ad oquntol , corrcc .,cd rrn.d .\Ol ' Vihich ._,pecif ·' c
rec;n tions \:1Cl'C t.10 o i.orr,mlly by
the Uousina Rcsou~ces Comcittoe to tho
Zoning nnd Plnnnin~ ~nd Devo lopcent
Comm i t t ees o:Z t h 0 Do::t:rd of Al ch::1"'mcn ,
Au~ust 2 e 1968 , include :
" Hcv:loion. o i: t ho 0:.:•d t m1nco
govoruili:t non-conforming u3o
o f J.nn<l to allo·, structur nl
c hn~~es in i mproving dwolliilg
urdt::.; to t1~et r e(!Lih·emonts of
t ho Uounint: Code .. "
i.i r
Ccc: 1 I~.. .l\lexn ~ae~:
~;,2, 11 1 969
} 'c J"U~l l 'y'
Pnr;c 2
, ,.
•<.~ CA ....1 ,.,,..1
t'~• •
~1~ ._
.., ....
p::1rttcula!-:-ly in t h0 l JJJH...IJfi1r::; 0 Viur:.
o ·u ,, ·_,,,.,...., -1· h
•:0 - ' l . ' ' . J
City ~nd 1cr:.ho1·· Os"CDf) outsi ·ie the 1 :odel
Ci'i;ies m.•cn o ' i
(~ hia b e i ng only· p,:a• t i a lly
i mple~euted UOWo )
" A<len:; i on o f n l:ov· Ge<- c~ist.:--' ct soning
cm Ji;he n w L and Use m~p,. t o
map b nsed
i uclud0 ::i aqu::1 te areas f or l ow=:..ncome
Thero nre c avoral related doc1_ents which ha·e n di rec t bearing
on this matter ~ ~he more port inant o1 these aro :
T he ('.'econd Annual
Section) uhicb
pelled out certain r ecom~endnt 1ons :for f utui ·o c ox action f c1· t ho
hous.1_ng p rog :i.•ffm and c:illled for a i.'<nrisod
statooc-ut of mis sion fro " the t1nyo1.,. 1or the
Co:rn11i.ttc e .
Copy o f drnft pi·oposod ( 2 - 10- 6 9 )
for revised m· saion is a~t~cled (Encle 2 ) .
It c ontninad p a mon~ c thor t hinCTS p s u~aes tion
t hat a j oint study of tho l ousing neAde of tiG
Ci t y b a c onducted by t he Hourr · ug Author i Jcy 0
P!aun ng Departmon-'c and t he HouB. n:; Ucsou,.,ccs
Comn it tae .
ciuch :s;tudy m:lc~ .... t au s t tute for , 01•
be a D rbed iu " t .1e pl"o o~ed study by Er · c
Hill Associa t es
0 omc _suer;entions fol: o 1;_1or.o p1~octica 1 P ,pro~ch
t o sol m.:, the lcw-inco1':!o hous i n:; problems Ul'O
c ont ained in P.!cmo t o D:m S~ca t , Fob U:ll7 11, 1969 ,
copy attached (Encl c 3)o
Proposal for specific hous .. ug oncl ~~elato nctivitioG
for t ho recently npproved Urban O~~e1•vatm:y az-o
con-ca ined in IJ~mo to ii1· . Sweat , Octo ,cl' 31 0 l DG8 ,,
c opy attached (Enc lo 4 ) . It i s doubtful 1 o~cvor ,
t hut ~11 of t he proposod activities ca n be Essumod
by t ho U1·bnn Observator y» ccrtninly not initiully.
'£he llousing Coo1·£Jtnnto1• h¢S ropG.1tcdly pointed o ut
thG nocd f m.·, and ruqucstod t ho services o:Z" a
Stati.-3 ticnl Clerk to keep up-t o-data nnd period. c:m lly
rcrn:ouuco tho Low-ll1cor::o Housi~1 Invcntoi'y Hoport o.
Th::it i r.1901:tont 1~cp01:t csnnot be l;opt cu1·r0ut i
t hrough e¾ir.;ting fncil:ltic.., o:f the Hounina nesou;;•ces
Cotl:!litteo office .,
Just i·eceutly, as frequently "
�Ur o CccJi.l ~\ ., A {'mmcot'
Fobrut1ry 24 p 1DG9
Pnbc 3
c ~ 1l ed " pon by .. r..;j. ,;y
.,,:;,.< . , ,,.~,,._._ ""'il ,~,,...
., <·;-,·
A-,,.A ....., ...:t , ...11
t , ..Ll...:.
z-':'icit>d tu ' cu:i::-:~n1..
c.v.- ,-..-··.·,1
,~ , u-,,.,~.,r
~., ..;... e-"'· . . u
·;-.,.,i ~\l.t..Vu.
.... ... ~ ~,-~
v .. .... .~iv.&~.
and Xn Planning in t .1~ Lo~·~ ··< nco:1e Eou.siug Px·cgrnn a
Tho best I c oula 6ffcr wns to provico ~i3ur~s as
o.f Novcm,er 15~ 1968 " 1 hove not been ~hlo to
c on~ U. o a moi·e ·oce-n t Y-c ;02~ t ~ ~l 1thm1r,:.1 9 i ~c i s
k nown th~t t bu f l f~t rc2 h!'aVO ch ... n~otl "C;ons i der~lb ly
s:h:~ce the novc-,;i,br.n : 15 1·opo1:t o
5. ( Encl ., 5) ~.:e cople::i of r~cnut fie1:. os
fron thir:; off ice to ,.Ji· o ~3otte1·i'ield of t he
Hot sing Authc:t·ity
an. e."fot't -to ob :;~in SC!:le
E:~sscrn.t i a l c ~ t n p0:r t~ niri.G to Public
n.o s :(.ng
and to encournGe c oordiu~tion efforts town-d
i nSU'.i:"ing relwibi l i tnt:1.on nf c z i s t . n~ subst~ud:u""d
u 1it-G, .from wh ich occt,Ypan ·s t~ove i nto Publ ic
In acld;tt 4 n-n , tho CIP coutnim~d a specific t · (H::0°1;-1m11dntion for
establisl:n~mnt of a Housing ncsourct.s 1Jux·eiru . l;;-:t1·i1c'i; of tho p:ro.posa l
i s at t ~ched {Encl o 6 )0 About 2 years aco, I provi, ed 4r. s ~oa t witb
~ b rief conc ept,. i nclur in.n· t entative propo.. od or.gnnizntiona l st."nctu "o
and per s onnel c ons idore d ne cossary · to i uplcmont sue~ en ~ct1~_ty . If
aetnblir-;;ho-d, tlmt or,1'n-n ization should p ro :1bly fun.ct ~o n undm.• tho
guid~nco ::md no o facili t of t ho llousing Rf:',E.O\.L'c cs Co~mi t t oo s, w th
a. s eci1:tc L.onslng Committee of t h ' "'oard o f P.luol'r..0:1 d o~;igirntcd t o
stec1~ ond c 2 · i~y the program ' s rict ivitic throu·~h. th.-~ Bo~;rs...d of
Ald ~r t~u to f ruition .
no · l .iing the l ocn l t winistrnt on fs des ~c to reduco ro~.or
t hat ~dJ Dopart~ents and in order t o avoid ~ppenrnuces of ompira
uildin:t , I ll~1ve thus far i.-o:fra· ned -1'ro. rcc:omt~e,ntliq~ astrn.>lishrcnt
of n v-ousinz nin.•::rou or ncp~1·tmcnt . Howevcrk' , Plthou~h a good ...,tri1.·t
h~s b-ncn r;mdo j n ho4. sin6 , I :fo ... l t h<.:t v-;o lltoiVC bu:-\;,ly r.;;cr.Dtchr; d tho
smi.·fnc,:> 0£ tho o~era l l llous:tn~ 110,~os .of tho City dn:-r~ug the nox... 20
years; rnd ~hat t ~is pro 1cm c an bast bo attnchod t~rougl ~u incronoe
in P nnr.. - elovnt1on of P llousiur.; ncsou .. cea .cac:il:1. tics ~- Pe:&:lmpP tl.o ti1.1e
has now co;.io wh011 wa should sc,:io•lf'; 1y consider cxnnusiou of sue ·1
facilitic·· nnd fo llow the r ucor.:w1Jn,1nt i ons o-': the CIP y oa-tn't>l shiuz
smull Ilov.sin,.._. Bu~c-nu or Dc partr.1ont.
I n suemuu•y , tho l of. E-ric Hi.11 Asno,ciato .... is in g;3norn.1
pr~ct:tcnl . HmHJVc·:r , I ennaot aoo any 1-,a~:-tic\ l::11" advnn.t~ge of such
~dditionnl study at thin tima, u~lc~s t here is, ar wi ll be, ample
ox·gnnh.!at ion. and poli tionl structure for impJ.crnon.tntion of its :fii:,.uinf.S .
'fhis rlcos not exist now and r;hould oe n p""orcqtdsit.c to iuit.:tnt:ton of
such n major now study. noco~m:,.em,ntion. ( j,f oadc) !or ouch or·,nnizntiou
and po1.ttic::il st::uctu:r~ should , in rny opinion, origimlte with tho
IJ.ousin~ f-oscm1·cea Con.':li ttoe"
�~r o Cocil A. Al~x~ndor
Feb~unry 2~a 1 DG9
P;;1ge 4
-a'<n lcoI" Do Jones
Hous inff Coordina t or
MDJ/ me
Enc ls :1 of..:;(p andcd Means 'r'o Lower Cc-7Jt J1ou::; :.. t1g
2~Dr nf t datad Februa ry lO j 1968
3.Memo d n tod Feb~uary 11, 1gs 9
4 . McMo detod Octo Jor 31, lS GB
5o 1i!e·. os <lnted ,.; (·:b:..·um.:y l l p 1969
6. r:.::::tract f l'Ot \ CIP
Mr . Dau E o Sweat; Jr.

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