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February 24, 1968


TO; Mr. Cecil A. Alewander, Chairnan
Housing Resources Comaittee

Attached (Encl. 1) is copy of Memo from Eric Hill Associates to
Colliery Giadin, entitied "Expanded Moans To Loyer Cost Housing".
Collier kas di seussed this pied ly with Dan Sweat with view to under
taking an updated and expanded study ef the housing portion of the
Cip, This would presumanty be dono by Eric Hill Associates.

Dan feels, and so do 2, that the initiation of any major up-
ere study on housing in Atlanta should be initiated by the
ousing Resources Committed.

Evie Hil] Associates is perhaps the best housing, planning
consultant fiem I know and there is little containcd in the attached
proposal with which 1 disagree, However, it seems somewhat ine
appropriate to initiate another major study whon we have not yot
been able to implement the recomacndations of the previous study,
slthovgh we aro fully avave of the major factors which are stiil
holding up implementation of the px eeooe SLUG « the following
are some of the more inportant of these cy?

@.e The number ono problem of course is getting
Bite approvals,

be Other difficulties which have not been
adequatoly corrected and zor which specific
reconnendations were nade formally by
the Housing Resources Committee to the
Zoning and “Planning ang Development
Comaittees of the Board of Aldernen,
August 2, 1968, includes

3. ‘Revision of the Ordinance
governing noneconformins use
of land to allow structural
changes in improving dwolliing

units to meet veduiremonts of
the Housing Code.”

tite Cecil A. Alexander

*Accelerate the Urban Renewal prozras
particularly in the NASH-BANS, Vine

City and other areas outside the Ucdel
Cities area." (This being only partially
implenented now.)

“Adoption of a vevised district soning
hap based on the new Land Use map, to

include adcguate areas for low-incowe

houlnes." :

There are sevoral related docunents which have a direct bearing
on this matter. Ths more portinent of these ares


The Second Annual Roport (FUTURE DIRECTION
Section) which spelicd out certain recomnend=
ations for Zuture course of action for the
housing progran aod called for a revised
Statenent of nission from the Mayer for the
Comittee. Copy of draft preposed (2-10-65)
for revised mission is attached (Encl. 2).

It contained, among other things, suggestion
that a joint study of the housing needs of the
City be conducted by the Housing Authority,
Planning Department and the Housing Resources
Comittee. Such study might substitute for, or
be absorbed in, the proposed study by Eric
Hill Asseciates.

Sone suggestions fox a more practical approach

to solving the Icwe-income housing problems are
contained in Memo to Dan Sweat, February 11, 1969,
copy attached (Encl. 3).

Proposal for specific housing and related activities
Zor tho recently approved Urban Observatory are
contained in Memo to Mr. Sweat, October 31, 1968,
copy attached (Encl. 4). It is doubtful however,
that ali of the proposed activities can be assuned
by the Urban Cbservatory, certainly not initially.

The Housing Coordinator has repeatedly pointed cout
the need for, and requested the services of, a
Statistical Clerk to keep un-toedate and periodically
reproduce the Low-Income Housing Inventory Report.
That important report cannot be kept current,

through existing facilitics of the Housing Resources
Committee office. Just recently, as frequently,

ir. Cecil A. Alexander
February 24, 1552 ‘

Paga 3

i was calied upen by « City Official for curvent
figurss on units Coupleted, Under Conctrucstic:

and In Planning in the Low-aneeme Nousing Pregrati.
The best I could offer was to provide figures as
of Noveuber 15, 19565. i have not been ablo to
conpile a more recent voport, slthougch, it is
knovn that the figures have chanced considerably
Since the Hovenber 15 rveport.

5. Attached (Enci. 5) are copies of recent Henos
_ fron this office to Mr, Sntterficld of the

Housing Authority in an effort to ebtain sone
essential data pertaining to Public Housing
ang to encourage coordination efforts tosard
Ansvurang rehabilitation of existing substandard
uniis, from which occupants move inte Public

In addition, tho CIP contained a specific recommendation for
establishnuent of a Housing Resources Burcau, Extract of the proposal
is attached (Enel. 6). About 2 years azo, 1 provided Hr. Sweat with
2 brief concept, including tentetive proposed erganizational structure
and personnel considered necessary to implemont such an ectivity. If
established, that organization shonld probably function under the
guidance and as a facility of the Housing Resources Committee, with
@ specific Housing Committee of the Board of Aldormon designated to
Steer and carry the program's activities through the Board of -
Aldermen to Zruition.

Renlizing the lecal Administration's desire to reduce rather
than add Departments and in order to avoid appearances of onpire
building, I have thus far refrained from recommendins establishnent
of 2 Housing Bureau or Department. However, aithough a good start
has been made in housing, I feel that wo have barely serztched the

uxrfaee of the overall housing needs cf the City during the next 20
years; and that this preblen can bost be attinckod through an inerease
in, and elevation of, Housing Resources facilities, Perhaps the tine
has now come when we should seriousiy consider expansion of such
facilities and follow the recommendations of the CiP by establishing
& Suall Housing Bureau or Department.

In summary, the proposal of Fric Hill Associates is in general
practical. However, I cannot seo ang particular advantage of such
additions] study at this time, unless there is, or will be, ample
organization and political structure for implementation of its findings.
This dees not exist new aud should be a prerequisite to initiation of
such a major new study. Recommendation (if made} for such organization
and political structure shoulc, in my opinion, criginate with the
Housing Resources Conmittee,.

Mx, Cecil A, Aloxznnder
4, 18

February 2 cg
Page 4
Halicoisn D. Jones
Housing Coordinator
UDI /ae

Encis:1.Expanded Means To Lower Cost Housing
2.Drazt dated February 10, i962
3,Hemo dated February ll, 1969
4,Memo dated October 31, 1968
5 Menos dated February 11, 1969
6.Extract from CiP

ccs Mr. Dan E. Sweat, dr.

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