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ilugust 2, 1968
The Special Meeting of the ~Jousing n.esources Committee with the
Zoning Comittee and the 'Planning and Development Committee of the
Board of Aldermen was held at 2: 00
Friday, in the Aldermani c
Chambers, Second Floor, Ci ty Hall.
Agenda, invitational not i c es , mi nut es t aken by the Planning
Dep~rtment, resolutions, ~nd other related documents are attached
to the file copy of the minutes.
j}_ttendance by Members of t he Board of .fUdermen was as fol lows:
Rodney M. Cook , Chairman
George Cots:::iL:is
Charles Leftwich
G. Everett Millic~n
. .'
Jack Summers
Q, v. Williamson
Sam Massell , Jr .~ President
John- ~ Flanigen
R~chard C. Freeman
E. Gregory Griggs
Alderman Rod ney IA~ Cook opened the meeting by _telling the group
the purpose of the meeting. He then introduced Mr~ Cecil A~
Alexander, Chairman of the Housing Resources Committee.
Mr. Alexander stated that the purpose of the Housing Resources
Committee was to assist by all possible means the construction of
1G~800 units of low ~nd moderate income housing. These units were
to serve ~s relocation for persons to be moved by urban renewal, new
roads, schools and other government action.
Mr. Alexander urged the Zoning Committee and Planning and
\ Development Committee of the Board of fldermen to support the
' :\, following (a copy rif his pres entation is ~ttached to the file copy
of these minutes) ~
Establishment of a Committee of Aldermen to be
responsible for housing.
Revise the Building CodESto permit innovations in
new techniques and materials , particularly in
Experimental Housing in the Model Cities area.
�:?age 2
Revise the Non-Conforming Use Ordinance to permit
structural changes in residential units, to meet
requirements of the Housing Code.
Stepped-up Urban Renewal program in existing
slum areas.
2,000 more Public Housing units. ,; : .
(' Jcp-1 ~( , 80-cvd
a{ A/,Jww-.,,gwi "',..dh,,,,n\.c:4
1 )
1 ,-,,
~~1 rA ~"4-S.
Upd ate d District Zonine Map , including adequate
areas for low~income housing.
Draft Res ol utions for presentation to the Board of 4ldermen
to implement the above were presented to the Chairmen of both
4ldermanic Committees (and have since been pr ovided each member of
the Board of ~ldermen).
Resol u tions and Letters of 29 p r om inen t Civic, Relieious and
Educ~ t:iona l o:rganiz a t j_o~s , s u pport i ng t he I-Ious ing l~esou::rces Co mmittee
proposal , were pr esented and hav e bee n provid ed eac h Dl dermen . (L i st
of o r ganizatio ns ~nd d o cument s 2itt 2 c h e d to fil e c o py of these Minutes) .
Mr . Alexand e r th en call e d u po n the attending members o f
support ing organiz ations to stand to be r e cogni zed.
Ab o ut 150
people r es p onde d .
Mr . f lexander then intr o duced Mr . Denver Gr a y, Vice -Chairman o f
t he ~~;[ ousine and Redev elopment Com-r.iittee of the l' tl ant3 Chambe r o f
Mr . Gray ~ t2ted t hat the Ho u s ing ~ nd Redevelopme nt Committee
is t he Chamber task f or ce f or dealinE with all mat ters pe rtaining
to housin8 in o ur c omrnuni ty .
r;his includes a number o f ar e a s:
The Urban Ile nevi ~ l P:r oe;ram, Pub lic xlous ing , Code Enforceme nt, and the
many othe r government pr o grams related to h o using; t hat t he
Comrai ttee's ultimate goal , cond e nsed to a single p hra se, is to
help make availabl e dec e n t h o u si ng for all o ur pe o ple .
He stated that the Chamber 's position is tha t immediate ste ps
s hould be taken to ad opt an updat e d Land Use Plan for the City of
ftlanta , from which a n ew Zoning Ordinance could be evolved .
a zonine plan , SEid the Chamber , should provide for adequat e land
for multi-faraily housing and o pen u p land f o r increased densi t y
o f housing in all quadrants of the Sity .
Mr. ~l exander then introduced Dr . Benjamin E . Mays , Co-Chairman
of the Housing Resource s Committee.
Dr. Mays stated th~t the
Aldermen should update the District Zonine Map of the City and
provide ad eq u ate lo-cations for low-income hou sing requirements .
He also stated that the people should be put in different sections
of the City only where it is economically pos sible.
Mr. I' lexa nd e :r then introduced M:".'G. fl Glenn :Parham, .Jr. President
of the League of Women Voters.
Ghe sta ted that it would seem
mandatory to zone areas ~n all quadrants o f the City for different
types of hou sing - low - rent , multi-family , etc .
Without this
dispersa l , the burden b ecomes too grea t on certain areas - as
regards schools, recreational facilities , s h opping complexes , etc .
TNi th dispe:rs 2l some K'esidents wou ld be b etter able to s .ec ur e
transportation to reach j ob s in o u tlying a r e as .
Sound planning
and judiciou s zon ine rev i s i ons are necess a ~ J f or orde rly growth .
Delay in acting up on a new zoning plan wi ll compound the problems .
She urged that carefu l attent i on to b e givmto design (bea u ty and
living q ua lity) - ope n sp 2ces and pa:d;: land - supportive community
services to reduc e dange r of i sola ti on a nd i n sec urine cooperation
o f b o t h new and o ld res idents .
Mr . fl exander t h en a s ked f o r comments fr om the diffe rent
o rganizations o n the HRC pr o p os al .
M~ . Ot i s Thorpe, P~eside n t of the Erapire Real Estate Board
sa id ·t ha t the Er.1p ire _rte a l Ee ta t e _,o a :i'.'d s u pports well pl anned and
proper z oning to meet tis h o u sing needs o f ~tlanta .
We fir mly
b elieve that better housing generate s more. jot s , c cono6ic gr owth,
r es ul ti ng in cit i ze n p2rticipati on in raising the sta nda rd of
l iv ing o f all At l anta ns .
We respectfu _ ly req u est y o ur s u ppor t
o n t his proposal .
Mr . Bob Flanigen , Exec u tive ~ecretary , ntlan t a Branch o f t h e
rfotio n ail /:ssoc iatio n for ;:.dvancement of Co l o red Peop le ( N.l}.ll.CP ) stated
tha t t he NPflCP feels tha t t he West o f l t la nt a already has too many
l ow-income h o u s ing un its .
He said tha t t he NlfCP does not wan t
acy raore housinz uni t s in t he West area , but perhaps in other
sectors of the City , and want s assurance t hat ad diti o nal devel o p me n ts will not be appr o ved in t he western part of the Ci ty unt il
other secto~s eet their e q uitable share .
mr . John 8teinichen , III , Cha:rmen f Interfaith , i nc ., stated
that immediate steps should be ta ~en by the Ci ty of ftlanta ,
throu Eh its Pla n ning De partment and the Bo ard of Alde r men , to
adopt an up0ated La nd Use Plan , and that a new Zoning Ordinanc e,
based on the Land Use Plan , should be prepare d for s ubm issi on t o
the Board of f'ldermen at t he e ar liest possible time .
He al so
s t 3 ted that equal recomr.iendation should be given to the Zoning
Text , because o f the fuod plain and other considerations .
Wr . Milton C . Poster , Pr es ident , Home Builders hssociati on of
Metropolitan Atlanta , Inc . stated that t he Home Bu ilders nssociation
calls upon the Board o f 1\ ldermen to move immediately toward study
implementation and devel opment of a modern ordinance of land use '
controls , giv ing due regard a nd priority to the necessity for
increased and flexible d e nsity in all residential categories
whic h wil l e nc o urage the production of architectural types
known as multi-family buildings , town hou ses, row houses, and
condominium home ownership o f any or all of such properties.
�P age 4
r:Ir . D:12me Be ck , Ex ec i t ive Di rec to r o f the Community Co uncil
o f t he ftlan t a frea , Inc . s t ated t hat the City o f ~tlanta s h o uld
a dop t immediately an upd at e d Land Use Plan a nd a n e w Zon i n g
Ordinance , permi tt i n g the dev e l o pmen t o f l o w- income h ous ing o n
s everal si t es in all quadr a nt s o f t he Cit y o f htlan t a .
hlr . Geore0 Rice , a privat e citiz e n, talke d ab o ut the Railr o ad
~v enue s it e.
d e s aid that he was :n fa vo r of d ev e l o ping t his
area , but that the area was mo re s uitable t o s ing le- fa mi l y h o u s ing
o r garden t ype apartments rat~e r than high -rise f o r the elde r ly .
Mr . C . D . Lc Be y fr c m the ftlanta Real Es ta t e Bo ard s tated
that the Atlanta Real Es tate o oard sup p o rts a new Zo ni ng Ordinance
f o r the City , wh i c h ~ o u l d u pdate and ac ~n o wledge the tr emend o u s
changes that have occured since 195{ , a nd w~ich wo Lld s tabiliz e
land u ses for the futu-e; that it i o not o n ly essenti~l but
l ong ove rdue ; that immedi£ite steps chould b e ta k en by the Ci t y
o f ltlanta , thr o ugh its : lannine Depart ment and Bo a r d o f tld e rm0n ,
t o ad o pt an updated Land Us e Plan .
~l d erman ~ od n ey M. Co o k then intr oduced Mr . Co llier Gladin ,
Planning Director .
~e s tat ed that 10 , 800 uni ts
re c co dcd for
rel o cation ; that the first year ' s hou sing ne e ds have been me t ,
but all t h e pr ob lems have n ot b een so lv0d . He als o stated that
Public :'.lo u sing reso1.11·ces n eeded to b e i ncrea s ed .
The pr o posed
plan s u ggests ideas of continuing e ff ots f o r dispersal f o r the
City and re~ion around the City . 8e said that the Federal surpl u s
land should be u sed for rel o cation of f amil ies ; that timing of
buildin~ of new housing unit s should c oincide with the displacement o ~ pe o p le becaus e of Urban Renewal , roads , etc . ; that the
Planning Dcpartnent is ready to a o s:st and s upp ort the 3 o u sing

Resou rcGs Commit tee j_n its effort .

.-1e state d t hat t h e Lc
ind Us G

Plan s h o uld be set up with an adequate araount of land that will
meet t he dens ity o f pe ple in the n e xt 15 years; that changing
of the Zo ning District Map is a good sound planning principle .
Mr . Llexander rec o gni zed t he presence of both Co-chairmen
of the :-Iousing Resources Commi ttee , D1· . ;Janford 5 . f:.. twood, Pr es ident
of Emory University a nd Dr . Be njamin E . Nays, Pr es ident Emeritus
of More~ o usc College (w ho had already s p o k en) .
flderman G . Everett Millican q uestioned Mr. Alexander on
sev0ral points of t he proposel and st ated that enough h o u sing
units s hould be built to t a~e care of displac ement and gave his
views on several 2spccts of the program .
Mr . f.lexander stated that betwoen ~cvember l , 1967 and June
30 , 196D, 2 , 903 people 2pplicd for Public :;::rousine; in f. tlanta and
141 o ut siders were t1rne d down b eca use of the residential
requirement put on Public }lo u sing.
Page 5
Alderman Rodney M. Cook stated that time is of the e s sence .
It is tiCTe to do somet hi rg about this p:roblem now .
Meeting wa s adj ourne d at 4 : 00 p . m.
Respect fully sub mitt ed ,
rJri.-<i{lc.,,eJ:j"vVi.di:2:r \j,, l - " ~
L~8 lco l m D .
Eou s ing- Coor(H.n8 tor
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