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August 42, 1968

The Special Meeting of the Housing Resources Committee with the
Zoning Comittee and the Planning and Development Committee of the
Board of Aldermen was held at 2:90 p.m., Friday, in the Aldermanic
Chambers, Second Floor, City Hall.

Mgenda, invitational notices, minutes taken by the Planning
Department, resolutions, and other related documents are attached
to the file copy of the minutes,

Attendance by Members of the Board of Aldermen was as follows:

Present: Rodney M. Cook, Chairman
George Cotsakis
Charles Leftwich
G. Everett Millican
Jack Summers
2, VW. Williamson
Sam Massell, Jr., President

Absent: John WM. Flanigen
Richard C, Freeman
E, Gregory Griggs

Alderman Rodney Mi, Cook opened the meeting by telling the group
the purpose of the meeting, He then introduced Mr, Cecil A.
Alexander, Chairman of the Housing Resources Committee.

Mr, Alexander stated that the purpose of the Housing Resources
Committee was to assist by all possible means the Gonstruction of
16,890 units of low and moderate income housing. These units were
to serve as relocation for persons to be moved by urban renewal, new
roads, schools and other government action.

Mr, Alexander urged the Zoning Committee and Planning and
Development Committee of the Board of Aldermen to support the
following (2 copy of his presentation is attached to the file copy
of these minutes) +

1. Establishment of a Committee of Aldermen to be
responsible for housing,

2. Revise the Building Code to permit innovations in
new techniques and materials, particularly in
Experimental Housing in the Model Cities area,

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3. Revise the Non-Conforming Use Ordinance to permit
structural changes in residential units, to meet
requirements of the Housing Ccde,

4, Stepped-up Urban Renewal program in existing
slum areas.

5. _2,000 more Public Housing units...» ' y
( ceyed 46, Bowdal Aldemean aulhevered reguesd le mode)
6. Updated District Zoning Map, including adequate
areas for low-income housing.

Draft Resolutions for presentation tp the Board of fidermen
to implement the above were presented to the Chairmen of both
Aldermanic Committees (and have since been provided each member of
the Board of Aldermen).

Resolkutions and Letters of 429 prominent Civic, Religious and
Bducational organizaticas, supporting the Housing Lesources Committee
proposal, were presented and have been provided each fidermen. (List
of orgéenizations and documents attached to file copy of these Minutes).

Mr. Alexander then called upon the attending members of
Supporting organizations to stand to be recognized. SAbout 159
people responded,

Mr. iexander then introduced Mr, Denver Gray, Vice-@hairman of
the Housing and jledevelopment Committee of the ftlanta Chamber of

Mr. Gray steted that the Housing and Redevelopment Committee
is the Chamber task force for dealing with all matters pertaining
to housing in our community. This includes a number of areas:
The Urban Renewal Program, Public Housing, Code Enforcement, and the
many other government programs related tc housing; that the
Committee's ultimate goal, condensed to a single phrase, is to
help make available decent housing for all our people,

He stated that the Chamber's position is that immediate steps
Shovid be taken to adopt an updated Land Use Plan for the City of
ftlanta, from which 2 new Zoning Ordinance could be evolved. Such
a zoning plan, said the Chember, Should previde for adequate land
for multi-family housing and open up land for increased density
of housing in 211 quadrants of the City.

Mv. flexander thea introduced Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, Co-Chairman
of the Housing Kesources Committee, Dr. Mays stated that the
Jidgermen should update the District Zoning Map of the City and
provide adequate locations for low-income housing requirements.

He also stated that the peopie should be put in different sections
of the City only where it is economically possible.

Mr. Siexander then introduced Mes. 1 Glenn Parham, Jr. President
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of the League of Women Voters, She stated that it would seen
mandatory to zone areas in all quadrants of the City for different
types of housing - low-rent, multi-family, etc. Without this
dispersal, the burden becomes too great on certain areas - 25
regards schools, recreational facilities, shopping complexes, etc.
With dispersal some residents would be better able to secure
transportation to reach jobs in outlying areas. Sound planning
and judicious zoning revisions are necessary for orderly growth,
Delay in acting upon a new zoning pian will compound the problems.
She urged that careful attention to be givam to design (beauty and
living quality) - open Spaces and park land - supportive community
services to reduce danger of isolation and in securing cooperation
of both new and old residents.

Mx. flexander then esked for comments from the gifferenat
organizations on the SRC proposal.

lic, Otis Thorpe, ¥Fresident of the Empire Keal Estate Board
said that the Empire Meal Estate Board supports well planned and
proper zoning to meet the housing needs of .tlanta. We firmly
believe that better housing generates more, jobs, cconomic growth,
resulting in citizen participation in raising the standard of
living of all Atiantans. We respectfully request your support
cn this proposal,

ir. sob Flanigen, txecutive secretary, Atlanta Branch of the
National /ssociation for isdvancement of Colored People (NAACP) stated
that the ifACP feels that the West of ftlanta already has too many
low-income housing units. He said that the NALCP dees not want

ary more houSing units in the West erea, but perhaps in other

sectors of the City, and wants assurance that additional develop-
ments will not be approved ia the western part of the City until
other sectors set their equitable share.

liv. John Gteinichen, Ii, Chairman of Interfaith, Inc.,
that immediate steps should be talen by the City of ftlanta,
through its Planning Department and the Board of Aidermen, to
adopt an Updated Land Use Plan, and that a new Zoning Ordinance,
based on the Land Use Plan, should be prepared for submission to
the Board of fidermen at the earliest possible time. He also
stated that equal recommendation should be given to the Zoning
Text, because of the food plain and other considerations.

liz. Milton C, Foster, President, Home Builders fssociation of
Metropolitan /tlanta, Inc. stated that the Home Builders Association
calls upon the Board of /idermen to move immediately toward Study,
implementation and development of 2 modern ordinance of land use
controls, giving due regard and priority to the necessity for
increased and flexible density in all residential catagories,
which will encourage the production of architectural types
Known as multi-family buildings, town houses, row houses, and
condominium home ownership of any or all of such properties,

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Mr. Duane Beck, Executive Director of the Community Council
of the Atlanta frea, inc. stated that the City of Atlanta should
adopt immedietely an updated Land Use Plan and a new Zoning
Ordinance, permitting the development of low-income housing on
several sites in all quadrants of the City of Atlanta.

Mr. George Rice, a private citizen, talked about the Railroad
fvenue site. He said that he was in favor of developing this
area, but that the area was more suitable to Single-family housing
or garden type apartments rather than high-rise for the elderly.

Mv. C. B. LeBev frem the Atlanta Real Estate Board stated
that the ftlants Real Estate Board supports a new Zoning Ordinance
for the City, which would update and acknowledge the tremendous
changes that have occured since i9ff4, and which would stabilize
land uses for the future; that it is not only essential but
long overdue; that immediate steps should be taken by the City
of ftlanta, through its Planning Department and Board of /idermen,
to aGgopt an updated Land Use Plan,

filderman }|.odney M. Cook then introduced Mr. Collier Gladin,
Planning Director. He stated that 16,300 units re nmoeded for
relocation; that the first year's housing needs have been met,
but all the problems have not been soived. He also stated that
Public Nousing resources needed to be increased. The proposed
plan suggests ideas of continuing effots for dispersal fer the
City and region around the City. He said that the i'ederal surplus
land should be used for relocation of families; that timing of
building of new housing units should coincide with the displace-
ment of people because of Urban Renewal, roads, etc.; that the
Planning Department is ready to assist and support the Housing
Resources Committee in its effort. He stated that the Land Use
Plan should be set up with an adequate amount of land that will
meet the density of people in the next 15 years; that changing
cf the Zoning District Map is a good sound planning principle,


Mx, flexander recognized the presence cof both Co-chairmen
ox the Housing Resources Committee, Dr. Ganford S. ftwood, President
of Emory University and Dr, Benjamin E. Mays, President Emeritus
of Morehouse College (who had already spoken).

hidgerman G. Everett Millican questioned Mr. Alexander on
Several points of the proposal and stated that enough housing
units should be built to take care of displacement and gave his
viewS on Several aspects of the program.

Mr. flexander stated that between Ncvember 1, 1967 and June
30, 1960,2,803 people applied for Public Housing in Atlanta and
i41 outsiders were turned down because of the residential
requirement put on Public Housing.

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fiderman Rodney if, Cook stated that time is of the essence.
it is time to do something about this problem now.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.
Respectiully submitted,
VYrcadur \\eea

i:alcolm D. Jowtyes
‘ Housing Coordinator

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