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N.D.P. Areas
March, 1969
N.D.~. - Planning Areas
·No concentrated code enforcement will be undertaken.
The Building
Department will act upon complaints and undertake investigation based
on any information that indicates a need for an early insp e ction.
· New Housing Code cases will be undertaken in accordance with Department personnel capability. Full code compliance will be effected with
the exception that generally no installation of additional equipment
or facilities will be required.
N.D.P. - Rehabilitation Areas
·-Tfie- Aflanta··Hous·ing· Authority is · responsible for property improvement
efforts in current N.D.P. Action area s. When the N.D.P Area is activated, current cases which are being enfo r ced by the Building Department will be refe_rred to the Atl anta Housing Authority with copies of
histories. Consideration of the use . of possible three percent
loans or Federal Gr ants will then be made by the Authority in an effort
to comply the property. When the Atlanta Hou s ing Authority is unabl~
to obtain satisfactory rehabilitation of properties,· documented case
histories will be referred to the City Building Department for continuation and further enforcement · procedures .
. In rehabilitation ar e as other than those of the current action year,
the City B~ilding Dep a rtme nt will act in response to complaints, or
undertake investigation based on any information that indicates a need
for e a rly inspection. New Housing Code cases will be unde r taken in
accordance with Department personnel capability and on a full ~ode compliance ba sis.
N.D.P. - Demolition Ar e as
Th~ Atlanta Housing Authority . is responsible for demolition activities
in NDP current year clearance action are a s. When emergency situations
occur necessitating pro mpt action on pa rticular structures in the clearance areas, the City Building De pa rt ment will become involve d by refer ral from the Atlanta Housing Authority.
In demolition are a s proposed for second year action areas, the Building
Depart men t will become involved only on a compl a int ba sis . Full code
c ompli a nc e will be ef fe ct ed with the exc e ption that ge ne rall y no ins talla tiori of addition a l equi pme nt or f a cilities will be requir e d. A
poss i ble exceptio n will aris e if i t is de te r mined that the failur e to
i n s t all additio na l equip men t may r e sult in i rnrnedi a ~e j e op ardy t o the
heal th , s a f e ty o r genera l we l far e o f inh abi tants in a st r uctu re. I n
de mo l i ti on areas proposed f or the t hi rd, fo urth and fif th a c ti on years,
.the Ci ty Bu i ld i ng Departme nt , e t c. will part icip ate i n res po ns e t o

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