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March 13, 1969
Special meeting of the Executive Committee of the Housing
Resources Committee was held at 10:30 a.m., Thmrsday, March 13,
1969, in Committee Room 1, Second Floor, City Hall.
Invitational notice, list of those invited, with attendance
of members and guests indicated, and other related documents are
attached to the file copy only of these minutes.
The primary purpose of the mee ting was to consider a proposal
made by William L. Moore for rezoning of a tract of land in Land
Lot 30, 14 th Distric t (FF) (annexed to t he Cit y of Atlanta, December
1, 1968) for 700 units of cooperative Townhouses and 200 units of
rental apartments, all to be financed under FHA Section 221 d(3).
Chairman Alexander called the meeting to order and announced
that before he took up the main item on the Agenda (consideration
of a particular zoning proposal), he wished to discuss briefly
some other matters.
He then read a proposed letter to be sent to Representative
Julian Bond (copy attached to the file copy of these minutes)
supporting in principle Bond's Bill on the suspension of rent
(through payment into an escrow account) on dwell i ngs certified
by the Building Department as unfit f or human habitation. Seven
(7) exceptions (changes) however were suggested as result of a
poll of the entire membership of the HRC, the wesults of whic h
were 26-for, 3-f or with reservations and 2-against.
T h e Cha irma n then referred t o a requirement f or the HRC to
submit by March 15 i ts pla n for the 1969 Summer Program in cert~in
c e ntral core areas of the Ci ty. In t his connection , the Chairman
emphasized the need f or:
An overall rezoning of the City to provide
for the City 's future development needs , to
include a dequate areas for low and medium
income housing ; and
Establishment of some emergency housing to
prov ide liv i ng accomod ations for special
cases which repeatedly occur.
The Chairman recognized Roger F . Rupnow, Assistant Professor
of City Planning at Georgia Tech , who explained briefly a project
which a group of his students proposed to undert~ke during the
Spring quarter commencing about Aprill on s study preparing a
plan for future development for the Southwest area of Atlanta.
The plan is to be submitted to the City as a recommendation for
consideration by the City in developing a plan for this area.
The students' group proposes to work closely with the residents
of this area and with the City of Atlanta as to their wishes on
existing zoning an~ future development needs, to include low and
moderate income housing in the area.
Mr. Gladin, City Planning Director, informed the Committee
that a group of civic organizations in the area, known as
Federation of Southwest Clubs has requested preparation of a
plan for the future development o f the Gouthwest area and had
essentially as k ed the Zoning Committee for a moritorium on zoning
changes in the area until such a pl an could be developed. Mr .
Gladin further stated that this is impractical and cannot be done;
that the Land Use Pl~n for the City, adopted by the Board of
Aldermen about a year ago, is intenCed to f orm a ba sis for more
detailed studies which are contemplated, but not yet developed.
The Chairman said that he felt the HRC should cooperate
with the citizens of the area f or development of such a plan.
That development of such plan should definitely provide for a
reasonable amount of low and medium income housing in the general
area and that a time limit should be established for development
o f such a plan .

A motion was then made by Mr . Archer Smith, and seconded by
Mr. Bob Winn that the HRC go on record as being in full support
of the following Resolution:
" IBE XT RESOLVED, that the need for low-income
housing b e given foremost consideration by the
Fede ra tion of Southwest Clubs in its deliberations
and studies as to the best use of zoning of the
Southwest Atlanta land and further that a timeta ble b e established f or the compl etion of the
plan . Further that the HRC offers its full
as sist ance to the Federation of Southwest Clubs
in preparati on o f its plan ."
After brief discussion, the Res o lution was ad opted withou t any
dissenting voteGo
The Ch3irman then introduced Mr . w. L. Moore , Developer, and
Mr. Nicholas Berryman, Promote~ to present their proposal . These
C3 Ct~Gn~ n together presented a proposal for rezoning a large
tract of land on both sides of Kimberly Road, S.W. - LL 30, 14th
District (FF) - which w2s annexed to the City last. f'n rr:,~o r ~ ·· The
proposed development (copy of plat attached to file copy) consisted
of 700 units of sales housing for which 90% of the units in any
phase of the development must be pre-sold from pre-built samples
before FHA commitment is approved for that phase; also 200 units
of rental apartments; all 900 units under FHA 221 d(3); furthermore,
development of 40-50 single-family houses on an adjacent tract to
the north, which would not require rezoning.
A school site of 9t acres on the south side of the project
has already been negotiated with t he School Board for construction
of an elementary school to serve t he project and adjoining area.
It was also pointed out that the School Board has plans for a
high school just north of the project. It was also explained
that the plan provides for only two ent r ances and exits off
Kimberly Road to the Townhouse portion of the development, with
no through traffic, but all on interior streets and that the
complete development would be accomplished over a five-year
It was pointed out t hat the prop osed development has been
f avorably recommended b y t he At l ant a - Fulton County Joint Planning
Board. Mr. Gl adin stated that the proposed l ocation apparently
has or will have adequate communi ty facilities.
The Chairman p ointed out that c urrently the HRC is seek ing
new direction as to i ts future ro le a nd mission a n d that if the
HRC should forma l l y endorse t h is pro ject now, whicb is in the s~me
ge nera l a rea o f a some wha t s imi l ar prop osal which ~o a aloe ~t r o ngl y
opposed by citizens of the area a nd de n ied by the Board of Al dermen
a b out 3 weeks ago, that this might b e prema ture and which probably wou ld
b e cons i dered as i n opposition t o o r in conflict with recent
propos als for pre parat i on o f a pla n for development of the entire
Southwest area a nd the r e fore might d o more harm t han good i n
obta ining approval of propose d rezoning.
The Chairman also point e d out that due to a previous commitment wh ic h ha, a s Vi ce-Cha i r ma n o f A. R. M. P.c., h nd made to the
Federa t i o n of Sou thwest Clubs to s upport their r equ est fo r
prepara tion o f an ove r a l l pla n f or t he are a , he f e l t that he
should divorc e himself fr om t he iss ue a nd t ur ne d the meet ing over
to Mr . ArcheT Smith , a member of t he Execut ive Commi t tee .
Mr . Smith ruled tha t since o nl y 4 ou t o f 9 members o f the
Execu t ive Committee were actually present, ( a fif t h ha d attended
the meeting earlie r , but had left ), that a quo rum did no t exist
and that therefore action coald not be ta ken either for or agains t
the proposal .
In response to q ueries from several members o f t he Committee
as to certain neGded chanees in organization and new direction for
future ac tion and emphasis by the Committee , the Chairman ~dvised
that such is being considered but as yet he was not in position to
do anything definite in this respect; that the Committee now has
in the pipeline sufficient units to meet the r-mc 2-year goa l of
9 , 800 units and the 5-year goal of 16 , 800 units, except for
Public Housing ; that it appears, for the t ime being, this is
perhaps the only field in wh ich the Committee should work aggressively.
Motion was made , seconded and after some discussion w~s
adopted that the HRC invite the Mayor to meet with the Committee
in a Special Meeting in the near future to discuss the current
basic purp o se and future direction of the Committee .
Mr . Watkins anno unced to the Committee that under FHA 221 d ( 3)
or 236 that 20% · of the units in any development may c ome under
Rent Supplement , thus pro viding for some variati o n in economic
status of the occupants .
Mr . Archer Smith made a motion which was seconded and carried
that T . U. F . F . and representatives of the Housing Authority be
invited to appear before the HRC to discuss their views , policies
and concerns .
In view of the fact that the ,dRC Exec u tive Committee did
not have a quorum available for official transaction of business,
no action was ta ken on the Resolution.
The Meeting was adjourned
at 12 : 10 p . m.
Res p ectf u lly submitted,
~7-, ,•

r1., , __;;-c,-t::JJ. ,;... e>:,.1 ;;:c--..~
Malcolm D. Jon0~
Housing Coordinator
MDJ/ mc
Copy, Summary of S tat u s of Low-income Housing Program (1-15- 69 )
(Others with file copy only)

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