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Ss. Spier

March 21, 1969


TO: Mr. R. Earl Landers
Administrative Assistant

Re your note to give you my opinion on Mr. James A. Smith's
Memorandum of March 14, 1969, to Mr. Wofford pertaining to first
batch ofvweflylists from the Housing Authority of families certified
for Public Housing, the following is offered:

Hasty perusal of the 45 certifications indicates that only
11 locations listed appear to actually justify Housing Code notices
(4 of these already had Housing Code notices, and notices were
prepared on 4 others as result of these inspections); a few may
have been justified because of overcrowding.

The remaining 34 certifications because of sub-standard
housing conditions or overcrowding include:

Public Housing unit in Perry Homes
outside of the City Limits
i given which could not be found
Remainder apparently unjustified (in opinion of Housing
Code Inspectors)

Attention is invited to paragraph 4 of my Memorandum to you
of February 26 (copy attached) in which I pointed out the fallacy
of the Housing Authority accepting the tenants’ word for sub<standard
conditions of housing as a basis for application for Public Housing.
This practice is clearly confirmed in communication of February 28,
1969, from the Chief Tenant Selection Officer to Mr. Smith (copy
of which is enclosed), This is obviously the principal reason for
the abuse indicated in Mr. Smith's Summ@ry Memorandum to Mr. Wofford.
Unless this is corrected, no amount of effort on the part of the City
can ever prodiice enough Public Housing in Atlanta.

The attached material appears to be positive evidence of why
the current procedure should be changed, as proposed by Building
Department Officials, that a prospective applicant for Public Housing

Mr. R. Earl Landers
March 21, 1969
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because of inadequate housing conditions should first request and
obtain a certificate from the Housing Code Division that the unit
occupied is sub-standard or overcrowded to the extent that relocation
is justified; and that such certification be presented to Housing
Authority Tenant Selection Officials before certification for

Public Housing is considered.

I recommend that the Housing Authority be requested to adopt
such procedure immediately.

One other detail brought out during my discussion with Housing
Authority Officials was that in reporting certification for Public
Housing to the Building Department, an estimated date for move would
be included (although it was mutually admitted that such dates would
be tentative}. This does not appear to have been done in these
instances. It should be included in future reports.


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator


Encls: Assembled correspondence
Copy of Memorandum of February 26, 1969

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