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Febru{ilry 36 , 1969
TO :
Mr . R. Earl Landers
Ad ini trative Assistant
Pursuant to your instructions, I met February 24 with Lester
Parsells , M. B. S ttcrfield, Gilbert Boggs and Howard Grigsby of
the Housing Authority and on February 25 with Bill lofford nd
Jim Smith of the Building Dep rtment to insure appropriate
coordination pertaining to the attached emor ndum.
As a result ~ these discussions, th Housing Authority b s
greed to report to the Building D partment (Housing Co4' Division)
on a eekly b sis, the na s nd addresses of famili s nd
individual · which they have 1 •oertified" to move into Public Housin ,
bee use of substandard housing conditions. This report 1 to al o
inolud an ppropri te d te of anticipated ove.
Upon r c ipt of this ~eport, th Building Depart ent proposos
to inspect th locations involved 1thin two orking day
ft r
teceivlng th l"eports and to initi ta ppropri t
otion bore
n eess ry for co p11 no
1th the Housing Cod.
(Tb only f llacy ~b t 1 c n so
1th respect to thi arr ng •
nt 1s that currently th Bou ing Author1ty t k
th prosp otiv
t nants' or . th 't they ar · liv1u in substand :rd h u ing
ppar ·ntly
s oo v rif cation of tbi • In discus in th1 point
with th! utlding D pr ent, it ppea.r th t b or c rtifin
f ily to ov 1nto Public Ho iag, b cau
of living in subtand rd bou ing, th f 1ly involv o boul fir t r u _st nd
c rtiftc~t fr _ th · Cod D1vi ion th t th · udt
ub t ndard nd th n pres nt such or ific t to th Hou in
Tb Bulldi
ou :lng Authority
Co pllano Offic
location of fa tlte
port d back to
f ill
�r . R. Ea:rl Landers
F bruary 26; 1969
Page 2
(The Building Department has no decided to consolidate its
reports , tb1,ougb the Housing Code Division only, to the Housing
Authority, and the Housing Authority has greed tor port r loc ttons
b c to the Housing Code Division on a weekly basis.)
The Housing Authority has request d~ and the Building Departm nt
has agreed , that requests for reloc tion b more specific tbatr they
have b en in th past in order to provide better understanding as to
by relocation is nooessary and detei'mination as to· when it should
be accomplished.
r . Satterfi ld suggested that he did not think that the Housing
Authority should approach
amily to provide relocation assistance
until th property and the need th refor, bad bean adjudic ted by
the courts; th t otherwise tb Housing Authol'lty mi ht ere t
antagonism on the part of the Landlord, or disturbance of the t n nts,
or both and therefore b criticized s ctin unconst:ltutionally.
I pointed out that this wou:td be entirely too slo and ould not
acco plish tb . de ired results and th . t such qelay is un oc table.
It also developed that on the initial visit by
Authority Relocation ork r to
f ily, th t _ pt 1s ad then nd
th re to arrang for relooatton (normally bis 1s unsucoe sful). Mr .
Per ells suggest d that p rh ps th first visit to the prop rty by
the Housing Authority Relocation Worker should be pur ly exploratory
to find out b t tb
ireumstances are , 1th vie to subs quently
ing staff d term1n · t1on s to ppropri t
ctton hicn bould b
t kn. l h rtidly gr e. Ro ev r, it w then brought out by th
Hou ing Authority th t this type of . vi it is or in th
tur of
soci l WOl.'k and th t th Hou ing Authority mis no oc1 l ork r ;
loc tion or r . It
th t the olut1on i obviou.
Th Reloeatioo Work r
bould d ter in t e oci 1 o poets,
p rt
of th ir r loc tion
lgn nt, b for th t n
or th landlord
r not1fl d t t r loc tion 1
nd t-0ry. If th initi 1 vi it
don qu ly an on n xploratory bas1, much nxi ty nd d1 turb no
on th
p rt of th
of the 1
t · nant; and
ould' b
could cone iveable b
nnoy nc
nd hostility on th p rt
nd i.n · o t inst nc
th r.
consid r bly r due d
11 inat d
11 to
tb t
if 'r
that t
• ciLl d.
�r. R. Earl Landers
February 26 , 1969
Page 3
The Building Department feels that these details re functions
bicb could and should be determined by the Relocation orkers , s
part of tbeir reloc tion assignments , using the Housing Code as a
guide nd should not be expected of the Housing Code Inspectors . I
m inclined to gr e with the Building_ Department in this respect,
but have requeated the Building Depar·t ment in making its :requests to
th~ Housing Au bority for r ·e location to be as specific as pr ctical .
In general, relocation consists of two categories , i . e ., f milies
living in Urban Ren al proj ects and those living outside of Urban
Ree al projects . The Housing Authority is authorized to provide
fin ncial relocation ssistance to f milies residin in Urban Rene al
areas . These families also get number one pr iority for Public Housing .
The Housing Authority claims that this presents no major proble,
but that the principal delaying factor in reloc ation of fa iliea
residing outside of Urb n Rene al projects is finanoial in btlity of
tbe families to provide funds for drayaga , utility eter deposits
and first month ' rent . Tbes families g t second priority for PubliQ
Housing, if requir d to move because of Housing Code En1orcement nd
third priority , if moving of tbeir own volition . However , the Housing
Authority hos no funds for providing the inl;ial financial ass1stano
required for th last two categories and consequently , fr uently,
w ks' ands
times even months elaspe b fore the f ilies involved
re able to - ccu ulate enough cash ith which to meet these in1t1 l
reloc tion expen
r sult , the Housing uthority b
propo ed th t i t b
p rmitted to us, s n xp riment, 2 , 000 fro r, loc ti.on funds
allocated to 1t fro th - City of -Atl- nt , ,a
r volving fund and
from bioh th Bou ing Authority ould , on it on d t r in 1 · ,
ak no int r t r t~ loans of fJ"om 10 to 100 to uch f 111 ,
to be r _pa1d to th Housing Au bority on
kly b 1-s
rlOC, of ti
not to xce don y r.
n point d out by th
�r . R. Erl Landers
February 26, 1969
Page 4
lf this should fall, Dan Sweat h s c,ontacted Jim. Parham of
ho thinks tbat his organiz tion a·y be able to assist by
permitting the Housing Authority to dra
for the purposed scribed above.
against certain EOA funds
I m requesting both tbe Housing Authority and th Buildlng
Depart ent to folio up closely, on the effectiveness of coordination
and ·cooper tion fforts. numer ted in this paper · nd- to advise
ot any breakdown hich ooeurs er of i prov m nt in procedur s· . h;1ch
sh.ou14 bee tabltsbed .
.S incerely,
D. Jones
Rousing Coordinator
MDJ/ o
Enc-ls :
e o d ted F b . 11, 1969
Mr . D n E. S eat, Jr .

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