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February 24, 1969
TO :
Yr . Cecil A. Alexnder, Ch irman
Housing ResouTces Cotrlmtttce
Attached (Encl. 1) is copy of
emo from Eric Hill Associates to
Colli r Gl din ,. entitled "Expanded !eans To Lo er Cost Housing".
Collier has discussed this briefly with Dan Sweat 'i th view to under-
taking an updated and expanded study of the housing portion of the
CIP. This ould pr sum.ably be done by Eric Hill Associntes.
Dan feels , and so do I , that tho initiation of any major up•
dating study on housing in Atl nta bould be initiated by the
Housing Resources Committee.
Eric Bill A sociat sis perhaps the best housin, pl nning
consultant :firm I kno
nd there i
little cont ind in th att ch d
pr.o pos 1 with hioh I di agree. Bow ver, it se ms some h t inppropriate to initi te anotb r major study hen w h v not y t
b en bl to imple nt th r oo end t1ons of th pr vtous . tudy,
lthougb we er fully
are of th
ajor factors bich ar still
holding up i pl
ntation of the previ,o u study.
Tb follo in
of th
or i port nt of thes :
Th• nub r on proble
0th r difficult1 s hioh b v not be n
adequ t ly corr cted
wbicb specific
de fo
lly by
th Hou ing
ouroea Co itt
to th
Zoning nd Plannln
nd D v lop ent
Co ltt s of th Bo rd of Ald r n,
Auau t 2, 1968, includ ;
of cour
u.R vi ton Of th · Ordin nc
gov rnln non•confonnin u
t 1 nd to allo
tructur 1
ob ng

in i proving d _llln

tb Hou· 1
t r quir
nt ·
�~, Cecil A. Al x nder
Febru ry 24, 1969
Page 3
I was called upon by a City Official for current
figures on units Completed, Under Construction
nd In Planning in the Lo -income Housing Progra •
Th best I oould offer as to provide figur s as
of November 15, 1968. I have not, been ble to
compile a more reo nt report, although, it 1s
kno n that the figures h ve changed cons'ide1•ably
since the November 15 report .
Att ehed ( Encl . 5) are eopie ot recant e os
from this off :tee to lb: . s tterfield of the
Housing Authority in an effort to obtains
essential d ta pertaining to Public Housing
nd to encourage coordination effot"ts toward
insuring rehabilitation of existing subst•ndard
units, fro which occupant _ mov into Public
ln addition, the ClP contained a specific reco
ndation for
st blisbment of a Housin Resource Bure u. EXtr ct of the propos l
1s attach d (Encl. 6). About 2 ye rs go, I provid d .Mr . s e . t ~th
' brief concept, including t ntativ proposed or aniz tio l · ·truoture
u<f personn l considel'ed necess ·ry to i plement suob n activity. If
_st blilshed, 'that organi~ ttou should prob bly functi-o n under the ·
guid nc
nd as a f cility of the Housing R sourc s Co itte, ttb
sp cific Bousin Com itt e of the Boarct of Aldermen de.S i nat d to
teer and -o rry th progr m' s ctivlties through the Bo i-d of
Alder~ n to fruition .
th n
bu:t.ld;lp ., l. b
Housing Bur
b n ad
urtace of
1 rs; nd
1n, nd el
In u
Pl' c teal.
rop011al of
dition l
Thi do

�r. Cecil A, Alexander
F bruary 24, 1969
Page 4
alcol D. Jones
Housing Coordin tor
MDJ/ tnc
Enols:l . EXp nded ens To Lower Cost Housing
2.Dr ft dated February 10 , 1968
3 . emo dated February 11 , 1969
4 . e o dated October 31 , 1968
5 . emos d ted FebTuary 11, 1969
6 . Extract from CIP
oc : YMr . Don E. S
at , Jr .
�Mr. Cecil A. Alexnder
February 24, 1969
ge 2
·••Accelerate the Urban Renewal progra
p rticularly in tbe NASH- BANS . Vine
City and other a1·ea.s outside the odel
Cities area . " (This being only part:l lly
lmple1ented no ·. )
"Adoption of a revised district zoning
Land Use map., to
iuc lude adequate reas for lo " income
houdng . 0
map based on the ne
There · re sever 1 related document which have a direct be ring
on this matter . The mor"8 pertinent of tbes are ;
J. .
Second Annu l Roport ( U',J.'UU DIRECTION
So0tton) bicb spelled out c rtain recom end~
atlons fo'l" future cours of action fol"' th
housing progr
t te
nd called for · · revised
1ssion from the Mayor for the
Co ·itte • Copy of draft proposed (2,..10•69)
for ;revised mission is att ch d (Encl . 2) .
It contained , a ong other thtngs, suggestion
that a Joint study Qf the bou lng n d qf th ·
City b conduct d by th . Hou 1ng Authority ,
Pl nning Departm nt nd tba Housing Rasouro s
Co itte . Such tudy mi ht ubst1tut fo:t, or
b ab ·orbed 1n, th propos · study by ric
Hill Assooi t .•
nt of
ug e tiona :tor
to sol*"g the low•inoo
or · practlc l appro· ch
housing probl . s ar
o to D n Set,
bru ry 11, 1969,
cont ind in .11
~opy tt ob d (Encl. 3).
Propo al for sp ciflc bou ing
rel·a t d act1v1t1
for th r ·c ntly pproved Urban Obs ·rv tory r
contained tn If . o to ._ r. S ·at, Oct:ober 31, 1968,
copy ttaeh d ( nol. 4). It i doubtful ho v ·r,
th t 11 of th pr po ed · ctivltt scan b as
by th · Urba1>. Obs rv torr, c J"tai ly not l 1t1 lly •

ic lly

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