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Hr . Cecil A. Alcxnndcr , Ch3 ir~an
Hous in"' Resources Co-:1mi i tee
Finch , AloJan or, B~~nes , Roths child ~nd
10th Floor Standnrd Federa l Cuilding
~4 Brond Street , N.~ .
Atl3utn , Georgia 30303
Dear . Cecil :
It is with regret that I was un3blo to attend t he Gccond Annua l
Meeting of t·1e Housing nosourc·es Committ ee o n December 12, 1963 .
Hov~evcr, I hnve received and rend with interes t the Comm:U:; tc0 ' s report
a nd wish to th~n~ the ~ou0ing Resources Co<11illittoe for a j ob well dmw.
I note th~t although our initia l replacemont go~ls of low ~nd
r,,ediuu incorac hous:h1~ ~ro in the pipe line, t hose figures d o not i:D~c
into c onsideration iuterin growth of t ho City , f orm~tion of new famili e s
and any in-m~era tion which may occur.
'I'hcs0 factox-s will tmclm..b tedly
increase our requirrn ~onts in t he low-inco ne housing field.
is necessary to follow t hrough 2fte1.· uni ts get in t he
Also, it
pip0line" t o
i nsure c ompletion when t hey ~re mos t needed .
I note in t ho
"FU'.rmr.u: DIRECT XO 1" po1. tion of . t he Co r"-:li ttce ' s :.repo1·t
that you reques t c onside ration by t he mayor ~nd Board of Al~c~b~n of t he
proposo ls m.m.e::. £tted therein and n<l stntement of mi ssion fm.· t h 8
Cor!1mi ttee ,
It is my u ndor~t~ncl 1n3 t ha t copies of t he Co~~ittoe ' s r oport hsve
been provided a ll meobors of t he Boa rd o f AlcJcrmen and I fe a l snre viill
receive synpnthetic consioo~n tion .
With respect t o r a vined nission , as we are ~11 oadly aware , in spite
of our ef.fo1· ts a nd accoDplishi:lents to dntc } in t he l ow-incm10 housi11cr
f ield , there still e~ist : s ovora l sizable slum pockets in t he City.
Until t hese c an be eliminnted , t hrough t he Neighbo:.:hood Devolop::Kmt
P:rogrm::1, m.· o therwise by p:d.vatc cntcl'pl"isc , I wnnt t hG COu'EJit'i'..c:: to
rem~!n in t act aud ~or~ ~garessivoly t o~nrd o~r ultinn tc go~l o1
proviaing a decent , safe and snnitDry dnelli na unit for all of our
c it:i.zons .
To this end X f:iur;c;est t ha t y mJT Corami t tcc concontr~to o n
t he follO\'i inr., :
Endeavor to get l or,--inco.-.1e ho m ing c:Je veloped
near sources of erapl6yce nt for the occupa nts •
. 2.
Enco 1r ncc ~nd c oopera te i n dovelop~ont o f
l ow ~nd a odiu, i nco~e ho ~1ng in un·ncorporatcd
areas of adjoining Count ' cs .
�Ur o Cecil A. Alcxn ndor
P-~GQ 2
St<...vo f o~ el:Llination of slu\;l pocXmts within
a nnua l inczm:1ent s of t he NeiCThhor. ood D~w olopmcmt
Pro~ om and o.: b.y ot he •['lns .
Ass i0t , where f eas i ble, i n rehab ilit ~t i on of
~ppropri~ te s t r uctur es in a ll a re~s of t he
City , · e specially i n t he gray
8l"O~e. • ~ppro:::i·c h inaC
a ec ay .
E?1c ourn ce dov e l o me 1t of 1.1. edium ond hie;h Pl"ic cd
h ous i ng wit h ~.n the City.
Continue to e ncourti ge t h o tJevelop.ncnt o f achrl!l nccd
b u ilding met hods i n t he ni·cQ s of l ow income h m.ts in.g .
i n c hnng:lnz p n tte"·ro .
. :.· . :
. I n ~!)~ it!on , I s u -:-i 0 est t ha t u joint e t udy of t he hon.s i ng noe'1s of
t he City be conoucteu b y t he Athintn Uousin.::; f1utb.oz- i ty P t h e City P:trirm :ln3
De,1 p~1· t t1ont and t he Uous :lug Hos ourc c s Co;::i1:1i t t c e t o cJcteri:3ine t L.o t ruo
!t is tiy uncJeirs t nm.Hng t hnt A . !1 oli oP oC . is
,,/ c ~t ent of At h mta ' s ne eds .
c onduc ~i n8 a s urvey of hous ing nec <lG i n t he metropol itan ~r ca nod it
is s urrges ted t hQt you coll upon t hem for assistance.
Sincer e l y ,
Xvnn Al lcn p Jr .

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