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A zoning class in the graduate school of the i
City Planning Department of Georgia Tech will
begin work soon on a short-range plan designed
to make zoning recommendations on vacant
land in Southwest Atlanta. The recommendations will relate both to the reactions of the people in the neighborhoods concerned. and to city
objectives, according to Tech Associate Professor Roger F . Rupnow. Rupnow says he hopes
the class can get to work on the project around
the first of April when a new quarter begins.
The some 15 students, who are in Tech's twoyear City Planning graduate program. will,
Rupnow hopes; generate their own program of
work once they have been given the boundaries
within which they are to work and have some
knowledge of the zoning problems of the area.
Then. these students will take their plan of work
to the exe.cutive committee of the Federation of
Southwest Clubs (FSC), explain it, and defend
and modify it, if necessary. based on their conversation with the executive commit.tee.
The boundaries laid out by FSC (the council
made up of representatives o·r civic clubs on the
south side, which is seeking both a short-range
and long-range land-use plan for the area ) are
Gordon Road on the north, Campbellton Road on
the south, Donn_~lly Avenue on the east and Fulton Industrial Boulevard on the west.
· Rupnow says the students will try to come up
with a zoning plan for the entire area and. in
arriving at this zoning plan. they hope to relate
both the reactions of the people and to the city
requirements. The class will v··1rk close1y with
both ·groups.
This is the first time such an approach has
been used with a zoning class at Tech. and the
plan came about through the Atlanta Urban
League which has been working with both Tech
and citizen groups in Sou thwest Atlanta.
Ruonow sa id he wanted to emphasize to the
public· that his class would be making recommendations- they are not empowered to go
beyond this. And that the recommenda tions
would possible include suggestions for amend. ing city zoning ordinances as well as suggestions for zoning in the southside.
"We are going to try to come up with a plan
tha t might be more specific than what now exists, " Rupnow said .
The plan must be achieved during an 11-week
period. the length of a quarter a t Tech. The City
Pla nning Professor adm its this -is quite an undertaking. but he is optimistic that his students
will be able to achieve it.
"The students will be looking at the neighborhoods first hand." Rupnow said. " They will
study them from the sense of land use and ·.vhat
zoning ordinances permit in the areas under
co nsidera tion."

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