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Box 1, Folder 3, Document 27

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April 2, 1969
Memora ndum ·r o:
Mr . Ivan Allen ,. Meyor
Mr . W. R. Wofford,. Building Off icia l
Proposed H0t..l~ing Enforcement in all
NOP Areas
Recently , you requested that a revi sed t)Olicy on Housing
Enforcement activities in the City's Urban Ren~~a l or NDP Pro• Areas be present~d for your review.
The po licy voul d apply to al l projects in t he planning
pha se and in the active phase ,. and as denoted in the attached
1'Pclicy , March , 196911 •
Upon your approval, we plan to bring the policy before
the nuitd l ng Cormnittee , the Plann ing nnd Development Committe....
and then befo1.·a the Board of Aldermen f or :f ormal adopt ion .
WRW: lm

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