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Mro Cecil A. Alexander, Chairma n
Housing Resources Committee
Finch, Alexander, Barnes, Rot hschild and Paschal
10th Floor Standard Feder a l Building
44 Broad Street, NoW.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Cecil:
It i s with r egr et that I was unable to attend the Second Annual
Meeting of the Housing Resources Committee on December 12, 1968.
However, I have r eceived and read with interest the Committee's report
and wis h to thank the Housing Resources Committee for a job well done.
I note t hat although our initial replacement goals of low and
medium i ncome housing are in the pipeline, those figures do not take
into consideration interim growth of the City, formation of new families
and any in-migration which may occur.
These factors will undoubtedly
increase our requirements in the low-income housing field.
Also, it
is necess a ry to follow through after units get in the "pipeline" to
i nsure completion when they are most needed.
I note in the "FUTURE DIRECTION" portion of the Committee's report
that you request consideration by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the
proposals numera ted therein and a revised statement of mission for the
Committee .
I t is my unders tanding that copies of the Committee's report have
been provided all members of the Board of Aldermen and I feel sure will
r eceive s ympathetic consideration.
With respect to revised mission, as we are all sadly aware, in spite
of our efforts and accomplishments to date
f i eld , there s till exist
in the low-income housing
several sizable slum pockets in the City
Until these can be eliminated, through the Neighborhood Development
Progr a m, or otherwise by private enterprise, I want the Committ t e to
remain i n tact and work aggressively toward our ultimate goal of
providing a decent, safe and sanitary dwelling unit for all of our
cit ize ns.
To t his end I suggest that your Committee concentrate on
the f ollowing ~
Endeavor to get low-income housing developed
near sources of employment for the occupants.
Encour age and cooperate in development of
low a nd medium income housing in unincorporated
areas of ad joining Counties .
�Mro Cecil A. Alexander
Page 2
Stlive for elimination of slum pockets within
the City, through inclusion of such areas in future
annual increments of the Neighborhood Development
Program and or by other meanso
Assist, where feasible, in rehabilitation of
appropriate structures in all areas of the
City, especially in the gray areas approaching
Encourage development of medium and high priced
housing within the City.
Continue to encourage the development of advanced
building methods in the areas of low income housing.
Direct your attention to the social problems
involved in low income families and neighborhoods
in changing patternso
In addition, I suggest that a joint study of the housing needs of
the City be conducted by the Atlanta Housing Authority, the City Planning
Department and the Housing Resources Committee to determine the true
extent of Atlanta's needs.
It is my understanding that AoRoM.PoCo is
conducting a survey of housing needs in the metropolitan area and it
is suggested that you call upon them for assistanceo '
Ivan Allen, Jr.

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