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July 30, 1969

Mx. Dale Shapiro

Urban Systems Research and ess Inc.
60 State Street

Boston, Massachusetts 02109

Dear Mr. Shapiro:

Pursuant to our recent telephone conversation pertaining to
proposed sites for low-income housing development in Atlanta's
Model Cities area, certain tentative locations for which were
contained in the Kaiser Report, enclosed is a Model Neighborhood
Program Map showing Treatment Areas approved for 1969-70.

The areas 69C3 and 69C5T21 are, in my opinion, the most
practical areas for low-income housing development this year and
area 69C2 would be my second choice.

I hope that your proposed discussion was profitable with
the local Housing Authority regarding sites in the Model Cities

If I can be of further assistance to you, please call on

Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator
MDJ /mo

Enci: Model Neighborhood Program Area Map showing
Treatment Areas 1969-70

ec: Mr. Dan &. Sweat, Ie

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