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July 30 , 1969
Mr . James R. Caldwell
Housing Intern
The Lauderdale Crockett Economic Opportunity Corporation
P. O. Box 379
Ripley ,. Tenne.ssee 38063
Dea r
r .• Cald ell :
r . Dan Seat has asked me to repl y t o your letter to him
of July 24 , c oncerni ng funds for a sel f~help program i n rural
housing .
Your objective 1s not an easy on and most exper ienced
builders tend to shy
ay from s lf•help programs . Tho
ho are ·illing to par-,ipate in such programs generall y gree
th t i t ls not praetiool to atte pt to utlliz
ore th n about
10- 15$ ~f the labor force s self~b I p .
e have had v ry littl
otual experienc in this field
her . i _n Atl nta, although it h s been oonsid rd in a number
of inst nces.
ost ucc ssful pproach that I kno of in coping
situ tion in which you re int r std is tbrou h th
Hoe Ad inistr tion.
looked into thi so
nclosin oopy of
m orandu l prep rd on th
t that tie. lt my be helpful to you .
A very ucc s ful proj ct und r this pro r
is bing
d v lop din th
11 nwoo co unity in outh D Kalb County,
Georgi • Th build r 1 Lincoln Jon s , a N gro o rpent r,
who h s quite
subst nti 1 d v lop nt oing on l nd he
orig1n lly on ct. His addr ss 1 4480 i
Bod, 11 n ood,
D catur, Geor i , T 1. Atl nta, Are Code 404- 241... 3537.
otb r pro r
und r th 1968 National Housing Act
1 off rs
solution to your probl
r th FHA
235 nd 235 (j) pro r
which r d s1 n d to provi.d sin 1
f mily ho
owner hip. Th.
do not r uir a
Pro r •
do e th
FHA 221 d(3) pro ra
n ·
�r. J mes R. Caldwell
July 30, 1969
Page Two
pply in rural ares as well as in urban reas. Your State
FHA office can provide you ith det i.led infor tion on both
of these programs.
Trusting that the above
y be of so
help to you.
aloolm D •. .Jones
Housing Coordinate~
Copy of
e orandum
Hr . Dan E. S eat. J r . /

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