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July 18, 1969


TO: Mr. R. Earl Landers ’
Administrative Assistant

SUBJECT: J. P. Stephens and Company

Re my memorandum to you June 27, Mr. Bill Golden, Plant
Manager, Tel. 876-0721, called me yesterday and stated he had
completed his survey of the Company's former employees and finds
that there is a sizeable number of families (perhaps 10-20) which
have made no arrangements to move, These include large families
with children and Elderly.

Mr. Golden has now asked for assistance and suggests
that a small Relocation Assistance Office be established on the
Company premises July 28 or August 1 or 4; that he will provide
space, telephone and one person from the Company to assist; that
if the City agrees to this he will get out a bulletin and
circulate it to his people in advance informing them of this
service, when it will be available and the specific location.

EOA has agreed to participate.

The Housing Authority has agreed to participate one
or two days per week, perhaps without compensation, but will
provide full time assistance for $30.00 per day.


(a) That Mr. Golden's proposal be accepted and he
be so notified today.

(b) The Office to open July 28,
(c) Personnel to consist of:

J. P. Stephens and Company - 1 person

Housing Authority - 1 person

EOA - 1 person (*To be in charge)

(FHA be requested to provide part time

Mr. R. Earl Landers
July 18, 1969
Page 2

(d) City arrange with Housing Authority for
necessary compensation, not to excéed $30.00 per day for
20 working days.

(e) *Responsibilities of the office to be

spelled out in writing substantially as indicated in
paragraph 10 of my memorandum of June 27.

Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

cc: Mr. Dan E, Sweat, Jr, waa

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