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Ho u s i ng Resources Executive Committee and
Low-Income Housing Coordinating Group Meeting
June 12, 1969
The regular monthly meeting of the Housing Resources Executive
Commi ttee and the Low-income Housing Coordinating Group was held at
10:30 a.m., Thursday, June 12, 1969, in Committee Room 2, Second
Floor, City Hall.
Invitational noticej list of those invited, with attendance of
members and g uest~ i ndica ted, and other related documents are attached t o the file copy o nly o f these minutes.
Chairman Alexander opened the meeting by introducing Mr~ Edwardo
Chamaro, an offici al visitor from Ni caragua, visiting this country and
is an Architect.
Mr. Alexand er t hen asked Col. Jones to read the letter fr om
the Business Participation a nd Finance Pa nel on the draft position
~29er establishing the Na tional Urban Coalition's role in housing.
Col. Jones read the letter as follows:
" The Committee discussed the draft posit i on paper establishing
t he National Urban Coa lition's role in housing and Col. Malcolm Jones'
gina lysis o f t he same."
Th e Commit te e acc epted the report o f Col. Jones and endorsed
i t ~ nd added t he foll ow ing recommendations :
t' l .
Greater emphasis should be placed on producing singlefam i ly o r condominium houses for the middle-income
Negr oes . These to be in the pr ice range o f $ 20 ,000
to $30 , 000.
The major thrust should be f o r home ownership ra the r
than rental ~0using .
Ci ty Governments should ca use the necessary steps to be
taken to qualify its citizens , wh o are not in an Urban
Renewal a re a , for grants and /or l o a ns ( Sec. 312 ) to
rehabilitate houses that are n ow be low c od e req uir ements,
a nd where the owners have insufficient resou rc es to
make the necessary r : p ~irs.
That t he FHP. be u rged to approve air-conditioning
in both new and rehabilitated housing whe re it can
be included within the maximum loan allowed.
That the FHA be urged to encourage the use of row-type
housing such as garden-type, condominium houses, patio
houses, etc ."
�Page Tw o
The Chairman then as ked if there were any questions .
Joseph Wilbur , Housing Rest udy Pa nel, asked if pe o ple only in the
Model Ci ties area and Urban Renewal areas could get a re h abilitati o n
loan? Mr . L~ster H. Persells , Executi v e D~r ect o r , Housing Authority
of the Ci ty of At lanta , explained that only that por tion o f the area
that was i n the 1069 ND:P P li:rn area could get a rehabilitati o n loan and
that all areas are not included i n this y ear's Plan .
He also explained that there are no Federal funds available at this time f o r rehabilitatiori grants and l oan~
A motion was made , seconded a nd· unami nously adopted that the ab o ve
repo rt o f the Business Participation and Fi nance Panel b e accepted and
adopted by the a ousing Resources Comm i ttee as a whole and b e sent t o
Mr . Dan E . Swea t , J r . , Di rect o r of Governmental Liaison , in a formal
doc u ment , f o r f o r wa rding to the National Urban Coalition .
Mr . Al exa n der called on Mr . Bob Wat k i ns , Chairman of the Housing
Restudy Panel , to c omme n t on the three proposals b y Eri c Hill and
As socia t es ( which his panel ha s bee n working on ) f o r rest udy on
housing .
Mr . Wat k ins st ated that he met with Ge o rge Aldriago of tho City
P la nn in8 Department and decided t o meet again with Geo rge Aldridge
and a re presentative o f Eric 3ill and Associates to ma k e recommendations
on the proposals. Mr . Watkins als o stated that t he Housing Restudy
Pa nel does recommend Proposal 2 that i ncludes the uninc orpora ted area s
o f Fult o n County and includin~ some o f t he servic es of analysis and
e v alua tion described in Prop os al 3, and that his Pa n e l pla ns to modi fy
the repo rt .
The Chairman then called on Mr . Johnny H. Robinson, Co mmunity
Devel o pment Coordi nat o r , Mayor's Office, to comment o n the Summer
P r ogram.
Mr . Rob inson stated that in 1 967 , four temporary C i ty Service
Coordinators wor k ed in the Summe r Program in four low-income areas ,
and in 1963 there were six t emporary C ity Service Coordinators that
were located in EOA Centers in Nash-Wa shingt o n , Nor th West Cent ra l,
West Central ( Dixie Hil ls ) a nd Ea st Centra l .
This year , Mr . Rob inson
stated , t here will b e f our permanent Ci ty Se rvice Coordinators to
wor k in t hese di ff o r ent areas .
fi ls o, t here wi ll be I nterns f r om the
Urba n Cor ps a nd fr om t he Federa l Go v ernme nt. T hese Int e rns wil l
be u n d er t h e s uper vision o f the City Service Coord inator s to help
famili a rize t hems e l v es wi th t he p r o b lems o f t h e low-income a r eas.
Chairma n Al exander asked Mr . Ro bi ns on where t he Inte r n s come f r om?
Mr . Robinson ans wered that the Int erns from the Federal Go ver nment
are people who are out of school t hat are ge t ting t ra i ning and
or ie n tiation to wo rk i n some f o rm o f t he Federal Go vernment .
He a lso
st a t e d that t he Urban Co rps Interns are p e o ple in s cho o l who are
working in the summer a nd plan to work i n Ci ty Go v erment, Bus iness
Communities and other Institutions after t hey finish school.
�Page Three
The Chairman asked Mr. Robinson what changes have been made in
the Summer Program as compnrison to last summer?
Mr. Ro bi nson s ta ted that the City has been divided into four
quadrants, with full time City Service Coordinators, and that money
from the Federal Government is being made available to provide at
least one _meal for eac h child at the Schools in the low-income areas.
The Chairma n then called on Col. J ones to read the 15 items
contained in the Housing Resources Committee plans for the 1969
Summer Program.
Col. J ones then read the following i tems(contained on pages
17 & 18, in pamphlet "1969 Summer Progra m, City of Atlanta "):
Follow through on timely completion of two Turnkey
pr ojects, Hollywood Rd ., 220 units (ground broken 5-9-68)
and Bankhead Highway, 500 units (ground broken 5-29-68).
Support development of 262 unit 221 d(3) and Community
Facility project o f the Butler S treet YMCA in llr ea VI.
Work for and support re zoning of proposed 450 unit
Br own town Road Turnkey project, deferred 11-15- 67
until after 7-1 -63 for improvement in Community
Ficilities of the general area, much of whic h has
been acc omplis hed .
Push d eve lopment of 1 , 400 unit 221 d(3) Roc kda le
project , on which constr uc tion of first phase,
consisting of 250 un its, was started 10-2- 68 .
F ollow up o n reservation and allocations for 2 ,000
additional units of Pub lic Housing, for which on
9- 18- 68 t h e Board of Aldermen auth or ized the Housing
Authority to make app lication.
Enc ourage smaller deve lopments o f Pub lic Housing, to
include scattered sites and mixed type un its, suc h
as townh o uses and single-family h o usi n g , which may
eventual l y be sold to Pub lic Housing tenan ts.
Encourage h ome -ow nership in low and medium income
h o using whenever possible .
Assist in getting tangible evidence of physical
improvements d u ring 196 9 in the Vine City NDP area.
(Approved for planning only du r ing 196 9 .)
Wor k with the P lan n ing Dept. and Housing Au thority
in development of t h e 1969 increment of NDP in the
Edgewood-Kir k wood 3rea . (Approved for pla nn i ng only
d u ring 1969 .)
�Page Four
10 .
Work with t h e Model Ci ties staff and the Housing
Authority in expediting physical e v idence of experimental
housing and reha b i li tation during 1969 in the Model
Ci ties a r ea.
11 .
Pr omot e establishment of emerge ncy housing , perhaps
oj a temporary nat ure , to accomodat e special emergency
cases , wh i c h frequently occ u r .
12 .
Push for early rezoning consideration of the entire
City to meet constant l y expanding Ci ty needs , to include
adeq u ate sites f o r low-income h ousing.
13 .
S trive fo r e l imi nation , t hr ough NDP o r b y p rivat e
enterprise , o f slum p ock ets in t he six core areas
s uch as : portions o f Li ghtning , Spring Av enu e , N. W.
and the in the d u ff Road area , ad ja cent to Ar ea VI .
14 .
Pr o mo te emphasis on Housing Code Enf orcement efforts
t h roughou t the s i x k ey areas .
15 .
Continue to wo r k on ways and means o f dev elopment
of low-income h o using in adjacent u n incorporated
areas , to relie ve congestio n in t h e centra l core
a rea s 8nd to pr ovid e ad equa te h ous ing and j o b
o ppo r t u ni ties n ear a nd eas il y ac cessib le to ,
i ndus t r i a l de v elo pme nt .
Ch airma n Alexa nder as k ed Mr . Rob inson if emergency housing
would h elp t h e pr omot ion of t he 1 969 Summer Pr ogr am?
Mr . Robins on st a t ed that n ow some o f t he Churc he s a n d EOA Ce nt ers
were tr y ing to find housing with o ther fa milies f or pe o ple who ha v e
been displaced on a tempo rar y basis until t h e Housing Authorit y o r
ot her hgencies set up a tempo rar y hous ing p r o gram f o r pe o ple wh o
ha ve b e e n dis p l aced b y g o v e r nme nt al a ct ion or ot h e r mea ns .
Chairman Alexander called on Mr . Les t er H . Parsel l s to c omme n t
on emergency housi n g .
Mr . Persells stated that the Hous ing i1uthori ty does hnve a fe w
units of tempo rary housing , but that the units stay full all t he time
and as soon as a family moves o u t anot her fami l y is ready to t ake
its place, and t hat the se cannot be used for emergency housing as
such , but only f or f~mi lies who meet normal requirements for Public
Mr. Alexander then called on Mr. Duane Beck of t he Social
Aspects Panel . Mr . Beck st~ted that the Housing hCsources Committee
should take the problem of emergency housing up wit h the Community
Chest, whose Exectuve Boord ~ o uld coet June 13 .
�Page Five
Mr . Alexander then asked the Social Aspects Panel look into the
problem of displaced families and t h e need for emergency housing .
Mr . Alexander then called on Mr . Dave Palmer of the Housing
Locations Panel .
Mr . Palmer br o ught up t h e matter of the J . P . Step h ens and Company.
Mr . Pal~er stated that the J . P . Stephens and Company, a cotton mill
that h as been s h ut down, are going to make t h e tenants that live in
t h e h ouses, owned by the mill , move· o ut; that it is rumored~ they are
going to cut t h e tenants utilities of f if they do not L D '/ (.' b J
a certain time and it is also rumored t h at t h e h ouses will be demolished
after the tenants have lef t .
A meeting is being set u p now with
representatives of the Ci ty of Ptlanta and t e J . P . Steph ens and
Mr . Arc h er Smit h then made a motion that a Resolution b e sent
to the J . P . Stephens and Compa n y.
The motion was seconded and,
after furth e r discussion , unaminously adopted .
The Resolution reads
as follows :
viRESOLVED: Tha t the Ho u s i n~ r:c sou r ces Comm i ttee
a t temp t, thro u gh i t s ~ oci al Aspects Pane l, t o se cu r e
temp o rary h ous i ng o n a n eme r genc y b as is fo r dispossessed
fa mili es, and more p a rti cul a rl y , to att e mpt to locate
h o usin g f or al l t enants in n ee d o f suc h o f J . P . Ct ephe n s
and Comp any , who a r e, o r ar e a bout to b e , dispossess ed
by re aso n o f the c l os ing o f s a id p l ant, i ncl u di ng t h e
p ossibili ty o f find i n g someon e i nte r ested and a bl e to
l ea s e t he home s, b e ing vaca te d a t t he J. P . S tep hens
plant, to p eopl e i n nee d o f emerge ncy ho us i n g o n a
temp o rary ba s i s."
~ r . Da v e Palmer th e n made a mot i o n tha t a Reso luti o n be se n t to
the Community Ches t t o imiOl·,_, e the Che st in t he p r o blem of emer i::!"enc y
h ous i ng .
The mo ti o n wa s s ec o nd ed and a fte r fur t h e r di s cussi o n ,
una mino u sly ad o p t ed .
Mr . Joh n ny J o hnso n , Direct o r o f Model Ci ties, s t ated t ha t e v e ry
year mo ne:;, i s appropriated to c o p e with e mergency nee d s and that t he
!JH.C s h o uld s up port the effor ts of the Community Ches t in ord e r t o
have t he funds a v aila bl e for emergency n eed s, such as this .
rtL~ . Bob Uinn , Chairmar.- o f the Construc t i o n and Dcs i gr:. ?o nc l made
a motion which was second e d and •1na min o u s ly adopted t ha t t h e HRC s end
a n.e s ol u t i o n to t he Commu:1i t y Chest s tating :
nTha t the Hous ing I~0 source s
req ~ ests the Exec u t ive Bcerd of
include , for the period of 1970
for emergency hou sing 2nd other
prope r . "
Commi tte e respectf ully
the Communi ty Che st to
a ~d following years, funds
emergencies that it deems
�Page Six
(This Res o l u tion was transmitted in writing by the Chairman ,
to the Commu nity Ch est Exec u ti ve Bo8rd befo:re it me t
on June 13 . )
Chairma n Alexander t hen called on Mr . Bob Winn , Chairman of the
Construction and Design Pa nel , to rep o rt o n the study for Model Cities
made by Eric Hill and Associates , "Lowering the Cost of Housing :
Research on Strategy and Polic y " .
Mr . Wi nn stated that the Constr uction and Design Panel.hol d a
meeti ng on May 2 8, 1969 , at Georgia Tech , concerning the study pre p21red by Eric ~Ul l and Associ2tes , bu t as yet his Pa nel has not been
able to get
full copies of the report; ha d received only a summary.
Mr . Wi nn announced tha t there will be a n ot h er meeting of the Constructi o n
and Design Panel on J une 25 th , and that MT . Dismuke of Er ic Bill
and Ass oc iates will also be at the meeting , t o ma k e a special present ation of t h e report , and a t t h is time the Constr u ction and Design
Panel will study the report in det 21il and report ba ck to t h e Committee
after the meeting witb Eric lli ll and Associates . Mir . Winn also stated
t h at the Construction and De sign Panel \liO u ld designate ~fr . Otis Th or p e
to c o ord inate and work closely with Mr . J oh nny Johnson in the Model
Cit ies pr o gram .
The Ch airma n then called on the Cha irma n of other Pane l s for
reports . Th ere was n o additional reports to be given at t h is time .
Mr . Ric h ard Ha rvey , Chairman of the Pub lic Relations Panel ,
c omme nt ed that there should be a guide from the Committee as a whol e
as to h ow much do we want t o stress meeting t he housing goal s inside
as compar ed with outside the Ci ty Limits .
Mr . Winn the n i nvi ted Mr . Ha rvey to attend the meeting on June
25 , 1069 , with the Construction and Design Panel .
Chairman ~lexander stated that different times wil l b e set up
f o r each of t he Panels to be given a s pecific tas k to ~ot'k on
and r e p o rt back to t he Executiv e Comm i ttee and t hat eac h member wo uld
be n o tified a s to t he time and place of s uch meeting.
Chairman lHexander t hen called o n P,falcolm D. Jones to c omment
on the te~tiif e s chedule for assembling t he 1 S10 Neig hborh ood Dev elopment Pr o gram application .
Mr. Jones stated that the Housi ng Resources Committee will
de fin it ely be involved in t he City's appli ca tion for t he 1970
Neig hborhood Development Pr ogram and tha t he bad so no ti fied the
Planning Department, in writing and asked that he be notified o f any
meetings invol ving this program , i n order that we might participa t e
Mr . Jones then commen ted on the Housing Resources Participation
in the preparation of s ubmi tt al s of material for recertification of
the Workable Program for 1969. He st ated that the material for the
�rec e rti fic a t i on i s due i n t he Pla nni ng De pa rtme n t on J un e l G, 1065 ,
a nd t hat he will hav e t h e C~a irman l ook over wh a t is being pres ented
to t h e Planning Departme nt and as k t he Chairman ma k e any ne c e s s ar y
c h ange s o r modificatio ns t herei n; t hat time is i nsuf f i cient t o p ermit
referring t i:1e r:iat e rial to t h e Exec u tive Comr:-ii t tee f or re v iew and
c onsidera tion .
I'!lr . J ones also c onmented on t r.1.e o os t r e c ently r e vised Summa ry Status o f f..ccelora ted Low- IncoEJ.e :-Io)-!S ing Pr ogr am , may 1 5 , 1 96 9 . Th i s
8 i_imma r y :r,a po 1~t co::1tains 2 cowpa :c i on wi t l1 t he I·;l3 y 15 , lf1G8 re?por t , the
h i gh l igh ts of whic h are as f o ll ows : Ao o f Ma y 1 969 , 4 , 03 9 units heve
bee n c omp l eted , wh ereas i n Mey 1S6G, 2 , 031 u ni ts h 2d bee n complet e d .
In 1J62 t he r e wer e 7 , 250 un its Under Constr uc t i on a ~d in 1 3G3 there
were 5 , 103 un its Und e r Cons t r uc t i on; a nd In Plann ing for 1 SG9 , t here
21:.'.' G 7 , 003 1.~ 1. ·· t s , a ;.1 d i n l S,(;,C t '.:-.e r e ·,',i o r c 7 , 1 51 u nit e; I n ? lnn n inc; .
Th is
made a tot8 l I~ Sig h t f or Ma y 1JG9 o f 1 9 , D0G u n i ts . Tj e t o ta l I~
S i 8 h t f or ~8 Y 1 903 wa s l ~ , 29D un its . F o r lGG~ t h o Le as i ng ?r ogra m
ha s 1 , 01 5 and for 1963 t ~e r e w2r e 231 uni t s .
~or n t ota l o f 2 1 , 0 13
un its f o r lSGS a nd 14 , 571 un :ts f or 1339 . The 2 1 , 013 u ni ts a re an
inc r e as e o ~ 4 , 213 e b o7c t he over 8ll ~oal . In 1963 t~e 14 , 5 71 uni ts
~ere a de f i c it o f 2 , ~23 un its o f the 0 7a ra ll ~oa l . be i ng Cons idered
i n a l l categor i es a _G 3 , 53 5 un its f or Ma y 1 96F ; and i n May 1968 t he re
we r e 4 , 1G l un its 3e ing ConGid e red ( all ca tefiorie s ).
Col . J one s c omment ed t tat t he Pub l i c 3 o using is b e hind in i ts
ove r al l g oal and tha t t o mee t the req uired BOal t he Ci t y wi ll ha v e
to req uest an addti o nel res erva tion of 1 , 230 u nits .
M~ . t lexander p oi nt ed o t t t hat ~c a r e n ow app roxim2 tely ha l f way
throu e;h o m .~ !:i y e a r program 2l n d t ;:ia t t he i ·'u b l i c ~lov.sing fig u1~e i s n ow
appr oxima t el y ha l f o f t he overall g oal .
Mr . P lexander a s ked Co l . J o nes why t her G was suc h an increa s e
in ? ~ivate Devel o pment?
Col . Jones I'CSpond Gd t .rnt J:-w irn u a l l y does not t:Dv o t '. lia
,1~t il he ee ts t ~e repor ts fro d t ~ e Buildi~c D0part ment on its
Pe rni t s iss ued e8ch raont h en 1 for t'.1is reEson , earlier in t ~e
we did not have informE t ioc on , End t heref orG did not reflGct
unde1~ P:ci\i8 t c Dcv0lopt'.l.ent Hwt Vi G1~e " J r;. :PJi.8Dnine; 99 •
info r c ot i o n,
Build i u g
prog ram
un its
CoI . J ones commen ted on t he u~1i t o rc h8b i ; i t 8 t Gd by t :;1 e ~=ous ing
C~de DiJ iGion and GXplainad that t hora h8ve been 1 7 , 124 uni ts s o
rehsbi:.tit2tcd; t t!vJ ::ss trJ.l ts do no t in,. :;res s c t Le ::1nmbe1· of twusing
u~i ts available , bu t do iuc r e2 s 0 t ~ o suppl y o: ct2nd 8 rd un its .
f.1:~. :-Pe-rcG11s c onne r.. t ed 0 1 @ Ct2 t e s f:e port [1nde b y t he ·::ct.m ine;
Jl •;: tbor i t : 1 c1G o i June ::i. GDC .
( Ccpy a tt ac::.ed to file copy ci: n inutcs . )

n: ::-1

ha nae;cmcnt
Under Construction
JID. Pla r.mi ng
}[ r: n s ssrva t ion
'l 'OTJH,
�The Ch airnan then asked if t h ere was any ot h er business?
t here gas none, the meeting was adjou rne d at 11 : 30 p.m.
Respectfully s ubmi tted,

--,r-t . , .,;;_

. ",t;
Q ,
, e ; . ~ i - -i, ,- -., ) .
•v·v~,c- A.!'.l ·u /
.Jones~ ..., .
~ous ing Coor~inator
M2 Ic o l r.i. D .
E2cls :
As stated (~ ith file ~opy only)

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