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June 4, 1969

Mr. Joseph H. Riggs

Director of Graduate Studies in Speech
Chairman, Poverty Study Committee
Memphis State University

School of Arts and Sciences

Memphis, Tennessee 38111

Dear Mr. Riggs:

Your letter of May 29, 1969, to Mayor Allen, expressing
your interest in hunger, medical care and housing as well as
procedures and actions taken by Atlanta in getting Federal grants,
has been turned over to me for reply.

To begin with, let me say that Mayor Allen recognized
early the importance of Federal funds in solving many of our’
‘local problems and the necessity for designating some one to
ferret out the requirements, applicable programs and regulations
pertaining to Federal assistance in the various fields and in
coordinating efforts in obtaining such assistance.

So, in April 1966 Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr., then Associate
Administrator for Administration, Economic Opportunity Atlanta,
Inc., was employed for this purpose and appointed Director of
‘Governmental Liaison in the Mayor's office. His work in this
capacity has been tremendous and as 2 result, Atlanta has been
very fortunate in securing allocations of Federal funds both
in grants and in funding of joint Federal~City participation

Rather than attempt to spell out details pertaining
to the many Federal participation programs in which Atlanta
is engaged, enclosed are several comprehensive documents which
explain quite fully Atlanta's approaches and accomplishments
in this effort. Two of these sre:

Coordinating Federal Aid in Atlanta,
experience report 107

City Hell and Neighborhood Residents
the Atlanta Approach, experience report 110

7 ee

Mr. Joseph H. Riggs
June 4, 1969
Page Two

Both of these documents have been published and widely
distributed by the Community Relations Service, U.8S. Conference
of Mayors.

In addition, I am enclosing copy of a recent address
by Mr. Sweat at the University of Kansas and an updated document
prepared by EOA in Atlanta (a directory of EOA programs). Both
of these documents provide considerable background information
and material on Atlanta's programs.

A data sheet pertaining to Atlanta's Commodity Foods
Distribution Center and the activities resulting from this
facility is also enclosed for your information. It provides
a reasonable picture of local efforts being made in food
distribution to the poor and needy.

With respect to low-income housing, I refer you first
to the comment on "The Mayor's Housing Resources Program"
contained in Mr. Sweat's University of Kansas address (copy
enclosed; see Page Ten). In addition, I am enclosing the
following documents pertaining to Atlanta’s current low and
moderate income housing program:

Mayor Allen's Address at the Mayor's
Housing Conference, November 15, 1966

Announcement of Appointments, same time
Functions of the Housing Resources Committee

Membership List and Organization of the
Housing Resources Committee

Minutes of Second Annual Meeting, HRC,
December 12, 1968

Summary - Status of Accelerated Low-
Income Housing Program, January 15, 1969

I trust that the enclosed material is adequate and will
be helpful to you in your work in Memphis.


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

Encle; As Listed
e¢; Mayor Ivan Allen, af
Mr, Dan E, Sweat, Jr.

= Sc UE EERE ee ae ste,

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