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May 8, 1969


General Functions

Promote low and moderate income housing and facilitate its
construction on an accelerated basis.

Bring together the various interests necessary to produce
needed housing.

Insure that the human factors in housing are given full

Inform the public of the housing problems in Atlania,
efforts being made to alleviate them and progress made,

(The Housing Resources Committee office is located
in Room 208, City Hall. It maintains liaison with builders,
developers, City Departments and Federal Agencies, acts
aS a clearing house for information pertaining to low and
moderate income housing, to include listing of known avail-
able sites and interested developers, coordinates committee
activities and keeps the Mayor and Board of Aldermen informed
as to progress of the program.)

Broad Functions of Respective Housing Resources Committee Panels

Suggested Functions
(Not necessarily limited to, but inclusive of, the following)
Panels are encouraged to use own initiative.

Business Participation and Finance


Encourage active participation by the local business
community in housing and to attract national interests
into the Atlanta area,

Encourage lending institutions to make financing available
for housing.

Support the Greater Atlanta Housing Development Corporation
and other similar efforts.

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Construction and Design




Investigate and report upon new methods and materials used
in producing housing, including prefabrication.

Study ways and means of implementing on a city-wide basis

‘appropriate recommendations of Eric Hill and Associates'

study on the Model Cities area.

Recommend specific changes in construction codes considered
desirabie for the Atlanta area.

Housing Locations

Seek locations for housing where it best serves the needs
of the people and the City. The possibility of single-family
public housing units opens new avenues,

It is assumed that this Committee will seek sites for in-
town rehabilitation and new building of moderate and upper
income housing, as well as low income.

Housing Restudy

a. Assist Planning Department in development of evaluation of
housing efforts to date and the redefinition of total housing

b. Promote political acceptability and support of above study.


a. Act as a legal resource to the Committee as a whole,

b. Become knowledgeable of present laws affecting housing and

recommend new laws or changes where needed.

Moderate and Upper Income In-Jown Housing

This new Committee is set up with the idea of halting
deterioration of existing neighborhoods and to aid in the
ereation of new units in the inner City.

The aim is to assure that the City maintains a proper
economic balance in housing.

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Public Relaticns

Build a climate in Atlanta and the surrounding area of
interest in and ccncern for housing.

social Aspects

a. To see that the human factor is considered in slum
clearance, rehabilitation of older structures and the
building of new housing.

b. The basic requirement is to see that the housing program
is not oniy creating physical living space, but is encour-
aging a better life for the users.

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