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Need for Additional Information on Low-income Housing Projects; and
Justification for Statistical Clerk

1. This is the only office in the City currently geared to obtain
and record information on all low and medium income housing projects.
The current list consists of 144 major projects (small ones are combined)
and the list is constantly increasing. Many additional projects,
previously carried in the “In Planning" and “Being Considered" categories,
have been dropped by the way side... .

2. This office has arranged for, and regularly receives, periodic
reports on these projects from the following:

Building Division (Permits and Completions)

Housing Code Division (Rehabilitations and Demolitions,
through Housing Code Enforcement)

Housing Authority on Public Housing (Turnkey, Conventional
and Leasing Programs)

Urban Renewal Project Managers (Rehabilitation in Urban
Renewal Projects); and

FHA (on FHA insured mortgage projects)

3. None of these reports, however, provide information on bedroom
breakdown, rentals or sales prices, or estimated dates of completion.
This additional information can only be obtained through direct contacts
with the builders or owners. Current staff does not permit such contacts
and gathering of this essential information.

4. This office is constantly being called upon, however, to
furnish such updated information on individual projects and is frequently
embarrassed by not being able to provide it, except on a very few projects.

5. For the program to be meaningful, and most helpful to those
concerned, information on these details is essential and should be main-
tained and be readily available sowéwhere.

6. Some examples of calls frequently received for this information
are; from the School Department and Telephone Company, for coordination
in planning (Both have stated that this information is particularly
helpful to them in planning facilities to serve the projeds the time
they are completed); from City and other governmental officials for
inclusion in speeches, reports, etc.; from other Departments and Civic
agencies for development of plans; and last but not least in importance,
from the general public interested in locating in the various projects.

7. Another very essential reason for this infoxmmation is to
determine the validity of various projecte as to appropriateness for
in@lusion in the low and medium income —* progran.

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