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' Dear Mr. Alexander:

of Messrs. Elias B. Silverman and Charles R. Warren.

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1225 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: (202) 659-9165 ged m
March 27, 1969 Bele wei
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Mr. Cecil A. Alexander MAR v- 1383
44 Broad Street, N.W. : meinen BARES
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 7 FINCH, ALEXAIes. eee

This letter is to appoint you to the Atlanta panel formed by the
Academy to function with respect to our research contract with the U.S. De-
partment of Housing and Urban Development. Enclosure "A" is a copy of the
HUD announcement regarding this project. ; j

The contract calls for us to study the critical decisional and
administrative aspects, primarily from the local point of view, of four HUD- _
assisted urban programs: turnkey housing, inner-city open space, basic sewer
and water facilities grants, and non-profit sponsored new housing under Sec-~
tion 221(d)(3)--a replacement for study of 221(h). These programs will be
analysed from point of origin to point of impact in six (or seven) cities,

‘with Atlanta serving as the pilot study.

The project will tie in with related HUD contracts awarded to the
National League of Cities to evolve a system of urban observatories (in addi-
tion to Atlanta, four other designated observatory cities are among those
cities which we have recommended to HUD for inclusion in our study), and to
Rutgers University to study ways of achieving a more effective state role in

“urban Bresrane

Dr. Morris W. Collins, Jr., Director of the Institute of Government,
University of Georgia, is convenor of the Atlanta panel. Other panelists are
listed on Enclosure "B", One or two additional members may be appointed.

As knowledgeable Atlantans, the panel will be asked to orient, infor,
advise, and help direct the three-man team which will be in Atlanta from
March 3lst through April llth. In addition to myself, this team is composed


There will be two panel meetings, to each of which this letter of
appointment is an invitation. These meetings will be held at Georgia State

College on:

Wednesday, April 2nd, from Noon until about 3:00 P.M.

. (luncheon in the Assembly Room, 2nd Floor of Student Activi-
ties Building, with the meeting continuing in the Faculty
Lounge of the Business Administration Building); and


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Mr. Cecil A. Alexander
March 27, 1969

Thursday, April 10th, From 9:00 A.M. until middle or
late afternoon in the President's Conference Room,
with luncheon in the Assembly Room.

At the April 2nd meeting, the panel will be asked to review and
comment upon our Pilot Research pheian (Enclosure "C") and Tentative Inter-
view Schedule (Enclosure "D"), to suggest ways in which we might most pro-
- ductively proceed, and in general to guide our efforts in Atlanta. We have
also developed a Program Summarization and Status Report on the selected
programs (Enclosure "E").

The April 10th meeting will be devoted to an analysis and iiterpre-
tation of our data and to the formulation of findings and conclusions.

An honorarium of $25 per featine attended will be provided to you
as a member of the Atlanta panel.

_ A national panel has been appointed to further guide and evaluate
our efforts in all selected study cities. This panel is composed of:

- Mr. William G. Colman, Executive Director, Advisory Commission
on Intergovernmental Relations

' Mr. Porter W. Homer, County Manager, Dade County, Florida

The Honorable Arthur Naftalin, Mayor of Minneapolis

Professor Ernest C. Reock, Jr., Director, Bureau of Government
Research, Rutgers University

Professor Wallace S. Sayre, Eaton Professor of Public Administra-
tion, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Professor Carleton F. Sharpe, Visiting Research Professor and
Consultant, University of Hartford

Dr. Gilbert Y. Steiner, Director of Governmental Studies, The
Brookings Institution

On behalf of the Academy and the national panel, I wish to express
our appreciation for your willingness to participate in this important project.

a ee


Dominic DelGuidice
Project Director

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