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Housing Resources Committee
Septern.ber 4, 1969
The regular monthly meeting of the Housing Resources Committee was
held 3:00 - 5:00 P. M., Thursday, September 4, 1969, in Committee Room 2,
Second Floor, City Hall.
This meeting was devoted exclusively to responses by candidates for
Mayor to questions posed by members of the HRC pertaining to the respective
candidates' position on housing. Invitations to candidates were issued by the
Public Relations Panel, HRC, which sponsored the meeting.
The scheduling of time of appearance, advance press releases and
letters of appreciation to candidates after their appearance were all handled by
the Chairman, Public Relations Panel. Copies of these, together with invitational
notice, to HRC members, Agenda, with time indicated for each Candidate (Encl. 1)
and other related documents are attached to the file copy of these minutes.
Chairman C ecil Alexander was out of town and could not attend the
meeting, so Mr. Richard Harvey, Chairman of the Public Relations Panel conducted
the meeting.
Chairmen of the respective Panels prepared and sent questions to the
Housing Resources Committee O ffice a week before the meeting in order that the
questions could be provided each Candidate in advance so that the Committee
would receive more comprehensive answers. Those questions were mailed to
the respective candidates on August 29, 1969. Copies of the questions are attached
to these minutes (Encl. 2).
Each Candidate was given 10 minutes to express his views on housing,
and a 10 minute question and answer period.
During the question and answer phase, the Chairmen of the respective
Panels asked the Candidates questions pertaining to their particular Panel interests.
All Candidates were present except Mrs. Linda Jenness, who was out
of town that day. Mr. John Vatava represented Mrs. Jenness.
Formal opening statements by candidates Jenness and Mas sell were
submitted to the HRC and are attached to the file copy only of the minutes of this
�-- ·----·=- .':.l,,,.__:__c
Page Two
Alderman Millican' s opening statement attempted answers to as many
of the written questions prepared by the respective Panels, as time would permit.
Alderman Cook and Mr. Tate spoke from notes only and submitted no prepared
opening statements for the record.
Questions asked respective candidate_s were in general selected from lists
previously submitted to them and notes were taken by Panel Chairmen on questions
asked. Replies were so numerous and involved and stenographic assistance so
limited as to preclude recording in the minutes of specific questions asked and
answers given. In general, however, all candidates with the exception of Mrs.
Jenness (represented by spokesman) appeared to be sympathetic with the low and
moderate income housing program and offered to assist where practicable. From
this standpoint, it is apparent that the meeting was beneficial and worthwhile.
Newspaper comment on the meeting is attached to the file copy of the
The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 P. M.
Respectfully submitted,
~.t-4~ e~A'J-<..C,, ~


Malcolm D . .
Housing Coordinator
Questions by Respective Panels

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