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Questions by Housing Locations Panel
Housing Resources Committee
Would you support prompt mutual cooperation and assistance
of public bodies in the Atlanta Metropolitan area in providing
adequate sites for low-income housing, including Public
Housing, preferably in small developments not exceeding
200-300 units each, distributed throughout the Atlanta
Metropolitan area and insofar as feasible, in reasonable
proximity to sources of employment for the occupants?
How would you propose going about getting this done?
2. Would you support a comprehensive review and rezoning of the
entire City of Atlanta to be made as soon as possible to meet
the constantly expanding needs of the City?
3. What is your feeling about establishing a separate apartment
zoning category for Federal assisted multi-family housing
developments ?
4. Would you advocate that the Housing Authority of the City
of Atlanta actively seek appropriate locations, both within
and outside the City Limits of Atla nta, with view to establishment and operation of Public Housing developments thereon
in groups of not to exceed 200-300 units each?

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