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July 25, 1969
The Honorable G e o1· ge Ro1nney
Secretary of the United States De partment
of Housing a n d U rban Development
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. S ec retar y:
In Nov ember , 1966r w e b e gan in Atl anta a con ce ntxated effor t to
st imul ate the devel o pment o f 16, 8 0 0 units of low and mod erate inc ome
housing to provide safe and sanitary shelte r f o r thous ands o f less
fo rtunate citi zens .
This effort, call ed The Mayor 's Ho u s i n~ Resou rces Pro g ra1n" was
suppo r ted by the U . S . Departrnent of Eoush1g a.tid U:tban Developn-.le:nt,
. private banks, devel opers, c hur c hes , civic gr o ups and individual
citizens at a ll levels .
This program has produced res ults. As of this d ate , 21, 01 3 of the
five year goal of 16, 800 w1its have been complete df are u nder
const ruction, or in planning . The m o st re c ent status report is
attached for your information.
Within the next few weeks , the single most signiHci.nt devel o pment
generated by our programs will b e plac e d under construction. It is
the East Lake Meadows turnkey proj ect, w hich is the largest turnkey
public housing developm.ent in Ameri c a with comprehe n sive c omm.unity
Be c ause of the significance of this unde rtaking and be c ause it embodies
so m a ny of the aspects of corrrmunity h ousing a c tion \vhich you so
magnificently support , all of us in Atlanta - City Hall, the builders,
our housing offici a ls, and citizens in general - fee l that we want to share
the beginning of this proj ect with you.
�---S ec reta r y Romney
Page Two
J uly 25a 1969
I have been aske d t o i ss ue y ou an offi cia l imiita tion fro m all of us
t o inaugurat e conetr uction of this m o st imp o rtan t hous ing d e velopment
f o r poo r people . If you schedule will p errr.;.it you t o come to A tlanta
in the next fevv we e ks O we shall s c hedule the c ere1n o11ies fo r y o ur
c onvenien c e . J:t woul d al s o give u s the opp o rtunity to s how y ou s on~e
of the 9pe r ational components o f Atla
nta 1 s Mod e l Cities pro gr am.
Highlights in the deve lopme n t of t h e East L ak e Mea d ow s ·P r oject will
give you s ome i dea o f its impo r t anc e not onl y i n rel ation to t h e solution
o f urban prob l ems of A tlanta b u t perhaps i n other citie s .
The l and on which t his proje c t is locate d was on c e a g olf cour se owne d
T hey s o ld it t o the
Ma1·ch Cumpany~ a private devel o pment co1npany. and s u ppo rted diffi cult ·
rezoning in an area which had hitherto had n o publi c housing . Cit y
officials , local Ho using /\nthority, and the Regional Housing Autho rity,
together with local business people, civic· groups, commtU1i c ation n-ied i a,
were au inv lved . The p wojcct lncluc' es 800 1.i.vlhg uHito, EiC foi' dcl..:::r! y ,
shoppinr; center. commw1ity and health faciliti es , dty park, recreation a r eas
and the dedication of s chool sites . An example of cornmunity supp o rt
involves the four le ading b a nks in Atlanta who for1necl a c onsortium t o
fina nce the tnterim construction costs in an effo rt to assist in the sol ution
of Atlanta I s housing problems for its l ow-inc ome citizens . This develo p ment r epresents the hig h es t type of cooperation among city, business,
government planning and implementation - a model c o rrununity
by prominent conservative business1r1en in A tlanta .
Your presence here on this o c casion , therefore , would serve t o give
strength to the s olution of the many difficult pr oblems we still fa c e in
Atlanta and to spotlight one of the landmark public housing developn-ients
in Arnerica.
Those of us who are faced with the community l evel problen-is of leadership
are thankful that you are in the crucial pos it i on at HUD .
Sincerely yours,
Ivan Allen, Jr.

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