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1601 West Peachtree Street, N. E., Atlanta, Georgia 30-309, Telephone 892-3456
August 18, 1969
Mr. Cecil Alexander
Finch, Alexander, Barnes
Rothschild and Paschal
44 Broad Street, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Cecil:
AUG 1 9 1969
The purpose of this letter is to tender my resignation as
a member of the Housing Restudy Panel of the Housing Resources
Committee. It is my opinion that my continued affiliation
cannot serve any useful purpose and because of this, I
should make way for someone who can be more constructive.
Because of my heavy travel schedule and matters of corporate
business which have constantly required more attention, I
asked William Bohn o f our CBC Corporate Staff to participate
in Housing Resources Committee activities in my name.
This Mr. Bohn did over a period of almost two years and from
what I reviewed worked effectively with Mr. Palmer, Mr. Coleman
and other members of the community who were interested in one
ob jective - - that of improving housing for those Atlantans
in sub- economic circumstances.
Through their efforts and with the outstanding help of Mr.
Johnson and the City Planning Department, a rather comprehensive plan of public housing distribution and construction
was developed.
I reviewed this plan here at White Columns
and WSB Radio and Television did severa l e ditoria ls in support
o f the concept - - the most important fa ction of this effort
was to develop more public housing quickly for Atlanta ' s poor.
In 1968 through Al Bows, this gained the support of the
Executive Committee of the Atlanta Cha mber o f Commerce as
we ll as several of Atlanta's significant social action groups.
�Mr. Cecil Alexander
Atlanta, Georgia
2 -
August 18, 1969
For many reasons, some of which we are all aware, we have
not moved far enough fast enough in the public housing area
and the above plan is still pretty muc_h on dead center.
I know of the re-organization of the Housing Resources
Committee and the Restudy Panel. I have read the minutes
of recent meetings , since re-organization, and have passed
them on to Mr. Bohn f or his information.
We are both of the opinion that Atlanta is dangerously
marking time in our need for more public housing. The
time for postponing studies and "restudy " has past and I
hope we will be able to move forward with conviction soon.
Best personal regards.
ly yours,
J .
JLR : fb
cc : Robert C . Watk i n s
Clarenc e Col e man
Charle s Pa l mer
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