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Reorganizational Meeting
Housing Resources Committee
May 8, 1969
The Reorganizational Meeting of the Housing Resources Committee
was held at 10:00 A.M., Thursday, May 8, 1969, in Committee Room 2,
Second Floor, City Hall. Members. of the Low-Income Housing
Coordinating Group was also invited.
Invitational notices, list of those invited, with attendance
of members and guests indicated, and other related documents are
attached to the file copy only of these minutes.
Chairman Alexander opened the meeting by greeting the new
members and thanking all the members for attending the meeting.
The Chairman then introduced Mayor Allen.
Mayor Allen opened his remarks by congratulating the Committee
on its many accomplishments in eliminating slums in Atlanta and
providing better housing conditions. He praised recent accomplishments in Public Housing and stated that the City of Atlanta requires
more Public Housing to meet the needs of ' its lowest income people.
Mayor Allen stated that more and more of the City's slums are
being cleared away, but there are still too many slum pockets left
over the City, and that the standards of the Housing Code are being
constantly increased. He said that he would like to see for every
new housing development, a slum podket in the City be cleared
away. He stated that the Federal Government is helping with the
problem of housing, because the City does not have enough revenue
to support or finance these projects. Mayor Allen particularly
praised the Housing Authority for its assistance, cooperation and
ability to cope wi th the low- i ncome housing situation in Atlanta.
Mayor Allen also stated that so far this year the Building
Permits (pr i ai rily for Industrial and Commerical construction) have
i nc r e a sed about 50% abov e l a st year, which was a record year.
Mayor Al l en then went on to explain the letter h e wrot e to
Chairma n Alexa nd er on April 3, 1969, giv i ng new di r ection to the
Ho us ing Re s ources Commi ttee.
May o r Allen stated that seve ral changes have o ccurred in
l e gisl ation, which ar e the Mode l Citie s Ac t o f 1966, the Fair
Housing Act of 1966 and the Housing Act of 1968 that have changed
the housing goals and needs o f t h e City of Atlanta.
He then stated that since the Housing illesources Committee
has asked his offic e for new instructions, he suggested that the
following areas be investigated and action initiated during 1969:
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The Planning Department has been instructed
by the Planning and Dev elopment Committee of
the Board of Aldermen to conduct a total review
and evaluation o f our housing efforts to date,
along with a redefinition of total housing
needs by location, type, size and rentals and
sales price ranges.
Mayor Allen said thot the HRC should be involved in this matter
and assist the Pla nning Depa rtment in the development of the scope
of this study and in ob ta i ning political acceptability and suppor t.
At present a joint Atlanta-Fulton County Housing study is being
Eric Hil l and bssociates has just c ompleted
its report for the Model Neighborhood Program.
This repo r t contains muc h food for thought in
the area o f lowering the costs of low-income
HRC should ta k e the i nitiative and
explore ways and me ans to implement those
pertinent recommendations deemed f easible on
a c ity -wide basis.
Conve n tional urban r enewal projects, the
Neighborhood Devel opQent Pr ogram and Model
Cities Pr og ram can provide muc h needed land for
housing de v elopment and improvement purposes.
In this r egard the HRC can assume a v ery
important r ole.
Outs ide o f the boundaries of conventiona l
urban rene wal projects, the Ne ighborhood
Development Pr ogram and Model Cities Pr og ram ,
the pr oc urement and development of sites fo r
housing can bes t be expected to c ome al ong by
themselves b ecause o f the momentum ge nerat ed
i n the initial t~ o years .
If there is a need
f o r prodding here, it is in the direction o f
placing greater emphasis in outlying are~s o f
the City o n single-family, publ ic housing and
higher density public housi ng in close proximity
to the centr81 core of the C i t y.
HRC c an be
most helpful in providing this type of direc tion
to city development, and
Xn general, the new housing units which have
been developed were intended as replacement
housing for slum properties . Yet, slums
still exist.
Xn the future, HRC should seek
to de v ise and implement ways and means through
which one slum structure would be demolished
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for each new low-cost housing unit created.
Unless this is done immediately , the same
slums will be with us indefinitely .
Mayor Allen stated that low-income housing usually impr oves
the neighborhood after it has been developed. He stated that he
does not belie v e that large tracts of land are going to be zoned
this year ( because of impending po l itical elections) in h esidential
areas for low-income housing.
Pr oba b ly the land surrounding already existing hou sing developments can be expanded and some
new developments, perhaps in the outlying areas .
Mr . Alexander agreed with Ma yor Allen on the elimination of
slums in the At lant a area and empha s ized the imp o rt a nce o f the
Mayor's rol e i n the overall program .
Mr. Alexander then commented on the Br o ad Functions set up
for the Committee (copies distributed and with file copy only of
these trinutes).
He explained the functions o f the Business
P Brticipati o n and Fi nance Panel , Construction and Design Panel ,
the newly organized Housing LoJations , newly organ ized Bousing
1rnst u dy, Legal, newly o rganized Moderate and Upper Income InTown Ho using, P ublic Relations 2nd Social Aspect s P2nels of the
Comm i ttee.
At this point, Mr . Ar cher D. Sm i th, III , Chairman of the
Legal Pa nel, as k ed Mayor hllen if his new direction letter to
the Chairman meant that the Housing Resources Committee should
discontin u e i ts previous efforts in promoting sites for low and
medium income housing and assisting de v elopc r8 by ~upporting
rezon i ng of certain proposed tracts considered appropriate for
this p u rpose.
Ma yor Alle n responded that he did not intend to restrict
activities of the HRC in a ny of its efforts in providing lowincome hous i ng; th a t h i s l e tter to Mr . Al ex a nder wa s intended
to re-defi n e and prov ide d i r ection for new ad ditional efforts
by the Comm i t t ee.
Mr . Alex a nder the n i ntrod u ced Mr . M. B . Satte r fi e ld, r etiring
Exec u ti v e Dir ector of t h e Ho u sing Au t h o ri t y . He pr a ise d Mr .
Sa tte r f i el d f or h is e x c elle nt c ont ribut io n to the housi n g si t ua tio n
i n t h e Ci t y o f Atl a nt a , a nd a s a tok en o f the Commi t te e's
appre ci a t i o n f o r Mr . Sa tt efie ld 's c ooperatio n , a ss i st anc e and
a ccomp lishments in the Low-inc ome Ho us i n g fie ld , presen t ed Mr.
Sat terfi e ld ·w i t h a copy of 11 A.tla nt a Cen t ury ". .Au togr a ph ing was
initiated by Mayo r Allen .
Mr . Erwin S te v e ns o f the ~oc i a l As pects Panel a s k e d what t he
rent was for a single pers on who li ves in a Pu b l ic Housing uni t .
Mr . Satterfield explained the minimum i s $25 . 0 0 for a single
�Page 4
person, with utilities no t mo re than $ 1 0 .00 a d diti o nal ; that i n
g e neral the rent char g ed i n Public Housing units is 20- 21% o f
n e t fa mily inc ome .
The Chairman then intr o duced Mr. Car y Hooks , Direct o r o f
FHA , t o comme n t o n fu nding aµd progress to d a te i n Atlcmta on
F HA Low - inc ome housing proj ec t s .
Mr. Ho o k s st a t ed that under Sectio n 221 d(3 ) in t h e
Metropolitan Atlanta area there are 1° pr o jects Completed with
1 , 944 uni t s , Under Cons truc tio n - 15 projects with 1 , 753 units
and under Fi nal Commi ttmen t , 5 pr o jects with 62C unit s a nd 6
proj ects with 66 units und e:r Cond itional Committments . Under
" ection 236 there are 7 pr ojects with 333 units .
This ma kes
Mr . Hook s also state d
a t o tal of 51 projects with 5 , 32 9 u n i ts .
that the Rockdal e U . R . P r o j ect has 325 u nits Unde r Constr u ctio n
with an a d ditional 82 5 units Kn Planning plus an addit i onal 260
units .
There ar e 300 o f these u n i ts under the BMIR ( Bel ow
Market Interest Rat e ).
Mr . Hook s st a ted that anyo ne with a pr o ject ca n talk to
him about it .
i'i ir . Hooks commented on tho funding of some of t he low-income
housing progra ms . He st ated that there are n o funds available
under Sect i on 23 6 wh ich is t aking the pla c e of 221 d ( 3 ) .
Suppleme n t is in same situation a nd f unding o f $100 , 000 , 000 has
been requested.
Some Cec t ion 236 ~nd Rc ct· Cupplomcnt ~und~ have
been reall ocated .
Sect i on 23 5 ID and .221 ( h) program fund s are
still available .
He stated that the 106 prograg provides for
seed mo ney to lend to nonpr o fit o rgani z a tions with up to 80%
loan, but admit ted that none of t hese funds have been used in
Atlanta and that the progr a m is little k now n .
Under Sec tion
237 n pers o n who has h ad bad credit can have a loan appr oved
for him , if he has gone th rough the l ocal counseling service
and is so recommended by the counselors .
The size of the l oa n
has t o be determined.
The person has to go through the counseling service and there is not cos t t°"c>the person himself .
Mr . Alexander asked Mr . Hooks what is the lowest cos t per
month for a 1-2-3 bedroom un it? Mr . Hooks answered that under
Oection 236 program it is $100 for a 3-bedroom unit with a $52.00
ront subsidy , whic h ma kes t he total payment $56 . 00; that Re nt
Supplement income limits are thG same as for Pub lic Hous ing.
Mr. Hooks then stated that there are 300~- Rent Supplement uni ts
in the Me tropolitan area.
Chairman Alexander assigned three proposals by Eri c Hill
and Associates for upda ting and expanding housing needs studies
to the rlrnoh. ~ :1 . ~ t t~'}/ ?r.:~c: l fo:r :f,1rtb ·r ..., tu.-J y nnd t · r-"'pe-rt
b ~:s L t c, th e: :-:. x e::c ut L .~ Grcup.
�Page 5
He also assigned the National Coaliti o n Draft Position
pape r on housing to the Business Participation and F inance Panel
f or study and report of recommendati on to the E~rncutive Gr o up • .
Chairman Alexander then called o n Malcolm D. Jones , Housing
Coordinator , to report on the Membership Li st of the HRC a n d
the Summary - Status o f Accelerated Low - Income Housing Pr o gram ,
January 15, 196 9 .
Co l . Jones referred to the newly organize d Memb ersh i p
List a nd stated that if a ny a d dresses or t e lephone n u mb ers were
wr ong on the Memb ership L i st to ple a se get in to u ch with the

Ho u sing Res o urces Commit t ee o f fice f o r any change. (Co pies

distrib u ted and attac hed to file c o p y of Mi nutes)
Col. Jones then c ommented on the Summary of Jan u a r y 15 ,
1969 , ( copies distrib u t e d) st a ting that a s o f January 1 5 , 1969 ,
3 , 3 6 5 units have b een Compl eted , 6 ,5 59 units are Under Construct ion , and B,335 units are I n Pla nni n g wit h a total I n Si gh t of
18 , 259 , and Being Conside r e d ( in a ll categor ies ) is a n a dditional
7 , 630 units . Xn addition , 1,019 u n its ha v e been leased for
P ublic Housing; 800 o f t hes e a re now occupied o r ava i la b le for
Al so that 1 5 , 1 6 5 u ni ts h av e been reported b y the
Housing Code Di vision as r epa i red o r reha bili ta ted ; and e x plained
that while these d o not add addi ti onal un i ts to the inv e n tory,
that it does i ncrease the n umbe r o f standard u n its . a va il ab le .
He also pointed o u t the tre nd d u ring 1 963- 68 o f total h o usin g
permits in t h e City and s h ow ed t hat dur i ng t he exis t ance o f the
HRC, 2 , 469 uni t s have boen de molishe d under the Housing Code .
He also referred to t he Pub l ic Housing Summary , wh ich was attac h ed .
Ch airman Alexander t hen a n n o unc e d t ha t t he Mod el Ci t i es
Ex ec u tive Boar d wa s h a vi ng a pr ese n t a tion b y Er ic Hi l l and
Associa t es on llil.aY 14 , 1969 , a t 10 : 30 A . M. in Committee Ro om 2 ,
and a ll Members o f t he HRC are invited to a tt e n d . Er ic Hill
a nd As s ociates will prese n t a Rep o r t to the Atlanta Model Cities
Ag e ncy - "Lowering t he Cost o f Ho using - Res e a rc h o n S t r at egy
and P o licy ".
( Subs e q u en t to the mee t ing , t h e Construct ion a n d
De o i gn Panel was req uested to a t tend t he me et i n g and to make
r e p o r t and recomme nda t i o n to the Executive Gr o up for impleme nting
on a city-wide basis appr o priate portions o f t he Eric Hill and
Associates prop os als .)
Mr. Alexander then introduced Mr .
Mr. Bob Clayton , Citizens and Southern
showed a film on the Savannah Project ,
last y ear by the Citizens and Southern
Donald J. Roe and
Na t ional Bank, who
a clean-up campaign
National Bank.
The Film was very impressive and well received. It
protrayed the cleaning up of the slums in the Savannah area,
�Page 6
where students from White end Negr o colle ges worked t ogether
with the residents of the slums o f Sava n nah .
The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 12 : 00 n oon .
Respectfully submitted ,
~·r/)_ · ~~t\
Malc o lm D . , . ~~
Housing Codr- dinator
As stated (with file copy only )

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