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Mr. Cecil A. Alexander
January 10, 1969
Page 2

@- Try to broaden our area of activity
by including in the membership of the
HRC a few well-chosen individuls fron
adjoining Counties.

h. Strive in every way feasible to get the slum
pockets in Atlanta eliminated. Urban
Renewal (NDP) seems to be the most practical
method; and applications would be
immediately approved by HUD, if housing
is to be developed in the present sium
areas. Thee is a speciai LPA letter
(No. 454) on this. These would, in
most instances, be suitable areas for
Public Housing, either Conventional or
Turnkey. This would create little zoning
opposition and eliminate antagonism from
the more affluent residential neighborhoods.

i. Pugh utilization of certain City-owned land
such as portions of the Lakewood Park
property, the City Prison Farm property,
some undeveloped Water Works property
(such as the aren north of Peachtree
Creek) and certain undeveloped Parks
Department property (such as the area off
Collins Drive in Riverside) for low-
income housing developments.

ji. Concentrate on production of sales housing
whenever possible, With the Federal subsidy
on interest, under Section 235, the market
should be substantially increased through
the additional purchasers who may now


k. Urge creation of 2 small City of Atlanta
Committee, including perhaps an Alderman,
# member of the Chamber of Commerce
2 Minister, an Educator, and a nent
Businessman (in addition to our new
"Metropolitan Cooperation Committee");
such gommittee to approach the County
Commissioners of adjoining Counties in an
aggressive attempt to get at least one
low-income housing approved in each of
the Counties,

Mr. Cecil A, Alexander
January 10, 1969
Page 3

1. Encourage expansion of the Leasing
Program and the Rent Supplement
Program, in preference to additional
direct Public Housing, as such.


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

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