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BREAKTHROUGH provides the city a greater opportunity to take
initiative in solving its own problems.
It affords:
Priority consideration for subsidized BREAKTHROUGH
housing and supportive progr~ms in urba n renewal,
planning, water and sewer, and community facilities.
The opportunity to relieve urban congestion and resulting urban tension~.
The opportunity to increase the supply of housing
for low- and moderate-income famili e s in urban
renewal, neighborhood developme nt and Mode l Cities
areas in accordance with 1968 Housing Act requirements.
An increased housing inventory subject to property
The opportunity to . use and implement the results
of city planning programs.
Increased markets to attract new industry and supporting busine sses.
New employment opportunities.
A meaningful working partnership with State government and the private sector.
HUD is depending upon ma yors and public and privpte
ag e ncies to:
loc a l
Participate in the market aggregation process described in the previous section.
Ev~ lua t e HUD mark e t d a t a on the a r ea ~nd s~~pl ~me nt
it wi t h in f o r mati on a nd ma t eria l s fro m loca l o rganizations such as the Housing Authority, Redevelopment Age ncy, Zoning Board, Board of Realtors, Chamber
of Comme rce and othe rs.
Re vi ew a nd r e vi se loc a l o rdi n a n ces, code s a nd reg u lati o n s whic h impede t h e app li cation o f n e w and
teste d h o u si n g s y ste ms and meth ods.

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