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August 7, 1969


TO: Mr. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman
Housing Resources Committee

Atlanta is at this moment on the verge of a major breakthrough in
construction of low and moderate income housing - perhaps the best opportunity
we have had yet. If successfully pursued, within a very short time Atlanta
could probably obtain firm commitments for all the low and moderate income
housing it will need in the next 5 years and thus maintain its ascendency and
leadership in the housing field.

If we pass up this opportunity now, we will soon be pased by and
major national and local developers will concentrate on cities in which they
can readily obtain suitable land sites, appropriate zoning and land costs
which they can live with,

Some examples of recent serious and still current interests in
establishing substantial housing projects in Atlanta are shown in the attached

There are also a number of other less prominent developers who
are desirous of constructing low and moderate income housing in Atlanta, if
suitable sites and neighborhood and political acceptance can be obtained.

It thus appears that the Administration of the City should take a good
look at the current situation, as illustrated in the attached,)'make a major
policy decision soon as to which direction the City should move in the housing
field - whether to let things ride as they are, with little or no encouragement
or positive assistance from the Housing Authority, Housing Resources Committee
and Model Cities to substantial potential developers now seriously interested
in becoming active in the housing field in Atlanta; or whether, to attempt to
overcome the political obstacles and provide these potential developers with
encouragement and real assistance in getting suitable locations, neighborhood
acceptance and obtaining necessary commitments through FHA and the local
Housing Authority.

Mr. Cecil A. Alexander
August 7, 1969
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A very helpful and practical interim procedure, would be for the Greater
Atlanta Housing Development Corporation to buy now and bank suitable tracts of
land for later disposition to nonprofit and or profit motivated developers for
eventual construction of low and moderate income housing.

‘ The opportunity seems to be available now. Shall we take advantage
of it or not?


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator


Encl: Examples of current housing interests in Atlanta

ce: Mayor Ivan Alien, Jr. W,
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.

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