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July 17, 1969
The regular monthly meeting of the Housing Resources Committee
~a s held at 10:30 A.M., Thursday, July 17, 1969, in the main
auditorium of the John O. Chiles Home at 435 Ashby Street, S.W.
Invitational notice, list of those invited, with attendance
of members and guests indicated, and other related documents are
attached to the file copy only of these minutes.
Chairman Alexander opened the meeting by greeting and thanking all the members for attending the oeeting.
The ChairQan then asked if the members would rather meet
at different places such as Public Housing Projects, etc., than
to meet at the same plnce every month.
He explained th~t if
meetings were held at other places, the meetings could be
educational. There was general concurrence for holding some
meetings at other places than the City Hall.
The Chairman then called on some of the Chnirmen of the
dif ferent Panels for reports on the activities of their Panels.
He called first on Mrs. Dorothy Gibson, Chairman of the Social
Aspects Panel.
Mrs. Gibson stated that she made n telephone survey of five
d i f ferent organizations to find out their reaction as to the need
f or emergency housing. She called the Butler Street YMCA, Urban
Lea gue, Atlanta P olice Department and the Community Council.
Mrs . Gibson a lso st a t e d that sh e then called the Salvation Army
t o get thei r r eact i on. The Snlvation Army stated that they do not
feel th a t the re is much need fo r emergency housing; and that most
o~ th e Sa lv a t i on Army Shelters are i nadequately staffed a nd c a nnot
pr o vid e a ny mo r e shelters for eme rgency cases.
Mrs . Gibs o n s tn t e d th a t t h e Commu n ity Cou nc il r ecomme nd e d to
its Executive Committee f o r e mergency a ssistance on all ne e d s.
She the n state d th at t he Sa lv a t i on Arm y ha s a n a p a rt ment
type hotel, ( f o ur units ) to rent a t 44 Del ta P l ace , N. E ., near
Euclid Av e . and Edgew ood Avenue , bu t t h a t t he Salva t i o n Army
will not rent it o ut un l ess t he y have mo r e staf f and that they
will not rent to just anyb o dy .
Tom Gibson, son of Mrs. Dorothy Gibson, was then called
on by Mrs. Gibson to make a report in conjuncti o n with Mrs.
Gibson report.
�Page 2
Mr~ Gibson made a report of a survey be had conducted of part
of the personnel of the J. Pi Stevens and Company. He reported
that there were 269 houses and out of the total number there were
169 vacant and 100 still occupied.
He stated that he visited 62 houses for questioning and that
33 of these were vacant. Eleven were occupied but heads of households were not available; that he questioned 18 heads of household~~
As a result of the questionin~, 45% did at that time have
definite plans for new housing before the deadline of September
1, 1969; - 37% had looked for new housing without success; 18% had
not sought new housing; and that 0% were moving to public housing
(only one man had even applied and said he received no answer).
As for findi ~~ jobs, 100% of the people in this area stated
that J. P~ Steveris had helped them to find new jobs and 11% said
that Stevens had helped in finding new housing.
Ther e was an average number o f 2 children per house. The
average rent for the hous e s in the J. P. Stevens property was
$25.00, which had been taken directly from the i ndividuals'
The Chairman then pointed out that the Veterans Administration
48 Hospital is vac a nt a nd the houses ar ound the hospital that
were the staff quarters arc a lso vacant. He stated that a meetine
was held July 16 with Mr. William n llison, Executive Administrntor
of EOA, and Col. Malcolm D. Jones recrardi ng this location. There
is open land f or play area that would make this place ideal for
emergency housing. General Services Administration (GSA) and
EOA are wo rkin~ together to find some way to fund this project
so that it ma y be used as tempora ry emergency housing.
Mr. Jones then commented on a t e l e phone conversation he
had received that day from Mr. Golden, Plant Manager o f the J. P.
Stevens and Company. Mr. Golden stat e d that the majority o f
people were s imp ly staying and taking a dv antage of the free rent
and utilities until the first of Sept ember. Mr. Golden did state
that some of the Elderly and families with many children are having
a hard time finding apartments that will take them . Mr, Golden
suggested that a Housing Assistance Office b e set up to help these
families in finding other places to live. He also stated that he
would send notices arou nd to thesepe ople indicating place and
location of this office. He would have a representative of the
J.P. Stevens and Company to work with the City, EOA (presumably
Mr. Hess's Office) and a representativ e of the Housing Authority;
that he would like for this office to be set up on the 28th of
July or no later than the first Monday in ~ugust.
�P 21 ge 3
The ChaiTma n the n c all e d on Mr . Robe rt Watkins, Execut i Ye
D~rec tor of the Grea t er ~ t la nt a Housing Deve lopment Corp o rati on,
a nonprofit housing sponsor , to see i f his Cor pora t ion can do anyt h ing a bout this situation . Mr . Watkins stated that the Junior
Charaber of Commerce is work ing wit h h i m on this project and t hat
the y are t r ying to b u y these homes , r e l ocate t hem and rehabilitate
The Chairman then aske d Mr . Watkins i f there i s any prac tical
~ay the houses could b e mov e d to anothe r site? Mr . Watkins stated
he believed so.
Mr . fl ugustus Sterne, Co - Ch a i rman of t h e Ho u s i n g Locations
Pa nel , stat e d t h at the Co mmitt e e shoul d talk t o Mr . Ed Ha rr i son.
Mr . /ilexn ndor the n call e:d on i'Jlr. Le s Pa rs e lls , Zxecutive
Di rec tor of t h e Ho u s i n g hu t b o ri ty a n d a s k e d h i m i f h e could prov id e
a r epresentative fr om the Hous ing f ut hority to ~ ork wi th the J . P .
S t ev e ns pro ject .
~ r . Pa rs el l s s t a t ed tha t he cou l d p r ovid e 2 o r 3 p e opl e b ut it
would b e o n a par t- t i me b as is bec8use o f ~ s h ortage in personne l.
Ho then stat ed t hat he cou ld pr ovid e a full-time e mploye e for ab out
$ 30 .00 a dny .
f or
The Chairma n then c a l led o n Mr . Ed Be n s on t o make a re por t
t he Co nstructi on and De sign Pane l.
Mr ~ Benso n stated tha t M~ . J 'm Wr i ght a nd Mr , A . T . Connel l
made a pr e se nt a tio n t o his Pane l f o r a pr o p os a l fo r a n Ur ban Desi g n
S tudy wi t hin the Model Ci t i e s ar ea .
The Const r uct i o n a nd Dem i gn
Pa n el was a s k e d to e nd o rse the i r r e q uest t o the Mod e l Cit ies
Exe cut i v e Board f o r fu n d i n g o f tho prop os ed s t ud y .
The Pnnel d i d n ot feel t hat the p rop os a l as p rese nt e d was
spec ific e nough t o wa r ra nt endor s emen t . ~ r . B~ ns o n st a t ed tha t he
and M~ . Fr ank Clarke , Ge o r gi a Tec h, we r e re q ues t e d t o check further
wi t h Mr . Urigh t and Mr . Conne l l concerni n g t h e p rop os al .
He st a ted
t h a t n o w they aro satisfied t hat this i s a ~o r thwh ilc propos a l a nd
i t is therefore the rccomnc ndation of the Cons t ructio n and DG s ign
Panel that the Ho using Re sources Executive CoQmittee ei ther endor s e
t he pr o p os a l thems elves or permit the C onstructi on a nd Des ign Panel
t o endors e t his p r opos al to the rflodcl Ci t ies ".° ,X1.:; c u ti ve Bo ard .
n motion was raada, sec o nded and nd o pted that the Housi n g
Resources Comm i t te12 as a i.:iholc endorse the proposn 1 by i\ih· . rJrigh t
and Mr . Connell .
The Chairman then called on M . " rchcr Lmi t h, Chairman o f the
L : gal Panel, to make a report for his Panel.
�Page 4
Mr . Archer Smith reported that the Legal Panel is wor king
on a proposal whi ch they intend to make as a recommendation to the
o ntire Ho 1s ins Re sources Commi ttec for ·: st ablishment of a new
City Housi ng JJ. :: pnrtment to 11:eep all detciiled informati o n on housing
and to have s uff ici en t employees t o bo able to k eep nll recor ds
c ur rent and to do all re s earch and statistical work that ne eds to
be done .
The Clwirmc:rn then cc:illed on rfl ;_· • . • i c ha:rcJ Har vey , Chairma n of
the Public Ilslati ons Pane l .
fil:..· . I·far vey stated t hat th e Public ].}e lations Panel would l ike
f or ea ch Pn nel to ma ke r e commendations to the Coomittce on the
goals of the Committee as a whole and any other ideas on which the
Public liel atio ns Pane l could set up sone t ype of Public ity Canpaign
to ~et ~cross to the cit ize ns, busine ss, nge ncies, e tc. the
necess i t y for ha v ing Public Hous in8 and Low-incoue Housi ng .
Mr . Harve y also stated the Public Ilc la t ions Pa nel is charged
with setting up oce tin~ with the candidates for May or , to have
ec:ich one of t he candida t es to corn.:: before t he Ccmni ttee DG 21 who le
a t one o f our oce t ings . It wc:i s S :l (;f;cstod thnt the u cctings be s et
up with t he cc:i ndidatcs t he week of :.3c pt ecbc r 1s t . f' notion v;as
oade , seconde d and ad opt ed t hat the Public li· ,1ations Prrnel wou l d
set up meet i ng with the candidntes for the week of Sc pteober 1st ,
Chair1-:1an f\ lcxander then cc11lcd on Col . J ones t o conoent on
the Public .karing on revision of the Building Code .
Col . Jones stated t hat a t the first Public H0ari ng by t he
Bu ildin~ Conoittce July 15 , as result of request by th ree
organiz a tions, one o f wh i ch was the HRC, that action on the Code
was defer re d until after ano t her Public He aring schedul ed f or
10 : 00 f , M. July 29 .
Col. Jones stnted that there arc only 40 c opie s of the
proposed re v ision of t h e Bu ild ing Code in existe nce . Co l. Jones
stated that he had sent 2 letter to the Chairn~n who were inv olved
in this proj e ct . One copy of the c ode ¼as sen t to Mr . Elliot t
for tho Cn nstructi on and D.: sign Pnnc l; one was turned over to
M . Freeoan Hut to n for the L~Gal Pa nel and one is in the Of fice
of the Housing l1 : s ourccs :_~ormi ttcc for re ,iiew by 8 ny of the ner:1bers .
Col. Jone s said ho would like co nstru c ti~c c oooents to be sent to
hiLl n o later than 5 : 00 P . M. on Llon?ay , July 21 , ~nd b~ wou ld
endeavor to consolid at€' and to ge t t h,.::s c conr.ic nts to tho Building
Official in tioe for the 10 : 00 t . M. Publi c H . aring by the Building
Code :dvisory Board set for July 22 . This Conoitt e c will need
12 copias of the c oom~nts ( nine for the Pdvisory Board and 3 for
the staff) .
�Page 5
Col . Jones then conmented on the requireoents for adQission
to Public H0 using, r0 cen tly gi 1en to him by the Hous ing Auth o rity .
Col. Jones stated that t he first basic r0quireoent for
eligibility is that a fEoily must be residents of Atlanta when
making application.
Families just movin~ to the City are eligible,
but they cooe way down the list of priorities.
By the way of
pri o rity , urban renewal faoilios ar e house d first , then in following o rder - code onforceoe nt, faoilies without housing , families
about to be without housi ng and families in substandard housing .
Col. J o nes said tho following are n e t
admission to Pub lic Housing :
No. of Per sons
incooe liraits for
Xncooe Linits
3 , 900
4 ,100
4 ,300
4 ,,500
4 ,.800
4 , 900
5 ,2 00
10 or nore
Col. Jones also stat e d that as of J uly 1, 1969 , applicants
for public housing oay apply at any public housing development
or th e Central Office in the Hurt Bu ilding.
The Chair~an then introduced Mr, Frank Sheetz, Sheetz end
Bradfie l d , frchitects, to s how a sound a nd slide present a tion
on What is P ublic Housing?
Mr. Sheetz ga ve a presentation on Public Housing and the
basic requirements for Publi c Housing.
~ls o stnted in t he
presentation was t6e numbe r of Housi ng Authorities as of March
31, 1969, in th e Southern part of the United States, which
consist of:
South Carolina
1 92
North Cnrolina
Ke ntucky
Te nnessee
�Page 6
Thi s presentation was concerne d mainly with small
conmunities r0 ther than larger cities , b ut ill ustrated the need
for low-incoLle housing in small towns , thereby easing the
pr e ssures on large cities s u ch as Atlanta .
Th e Chairman then stated that an yo ne who would l ike , coul d
t ake a tour o f the John 0 . Chiles high ris e buil ding for the
Elderl y.
The to ur consist ed of visiting the craftsr oom, the
libr a ry and a tour of an apar tment .
The meeting was adj our ned at 12 : 20 P . M.
Respe ctf u lly submi tted,
-, _; .
/I .
,' .
iX·- ) : I,,.,...
'-' v
Ma lc o lm D. Joner3
Ho using Coordinator
.Vt.,,C,~._,,o-,<-, v ·;.,.
t s stated ( with fi l e copy )
' o .

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