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Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
Cecil A, Alexander, F.A.1,A.
November 11, 1969
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Ivan:
We thought you might be interested in the enclo sed from the
Department of Housing and Urban Development.
For your information I have tendered my resignation as Chairman
of the Housing Re sources Committee to the Mayor elect so he can
plan accordingly . My reason is that my position has exc luded
our firm from taking any housing commissions. Our failure in
recent months to obtain other type s of commissions, which we
anticipated might be ours, and the contraction in general in
building has made it imperative that we seek work in the housing
field. I also turned down the Governor ' s request to serve on
his committee.
It has been a really rewarding experience to serve as your
Chairman. Your contribution in the field of housing will be
one of the hall marks of your admini stration and I am happy that
I had a role in it.
It has been a gr e at eight years and as Pericles time was known as
the "Golden Age of Athens", y our time will, I am sure, become the
"Golden Age of At lanta".
With warmest regards.
Cecil A. Ale xander
Architects Engineers Interior Designers
44 Broad Street N. WAtlanta, Georgia 30303 Phone 688-3313
StatP National Bank
Bldg., Huntwille. Ala. 35801 Phone 539- 9648

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