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Box 5, Folder 5, Document 36

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Jo Ho Leopol d
] _9
Atlanta Ho-using , Jonesboro Roa d Projad
.J :; __
Zoning C0!:i!:1itt ee reai'firned p.;:-ev:Lous reco:;imeEd:1tion o f approval of zoning
Boa:.~·.i of Ald.crr..:.::.n again deferred a ction on t he petition to cna'ul o Alderru2..'1
1'.:ii't-wich to present acldi t i o:i.o.l infor~."':. ti on to Zoni n g Comittee ..
~ lne 6, 1968
Zoning Co::-rnittcn o.gain re.:i.ffirmcd previou3 re co::ir.iend,~tion o f approvc1.l o:'::
zoning pet:Ltiono
!!,une 17, l 968
Board of Alderrn2.n approved p etition for rezoning to A-1-C ni'or Turr~l{ey n,g
at a dGi13it y no gr~J.ter tha.n e l ev0n units per a cr'3 and in ac cordance w::i:.h
site p l .:m a.nd EJl evation date::i 1hy 23, 19680n
19~ 1968
Visited Hr Q Boggs of AIL\ to di0cuss next st ep in .ievelopment procsd1x·:-e ., ~~1'o
Bosgs advised thr.1.t next move must be o. ,., tent.:J.tivc o.pproval of t.!10 Gite
by HUD It was indi cated that since previous info:r..21 ap;)r ais.:;.l ·.-.-£.J.s
favorable, the l etter should confirm the s Jne situ~ticr.., ?ollo:,.-_;_ng
receipt of oite o.pproval from HUD, Developer ·,rill be notified in w_nitin 6 by
AHA an1 dis cu.ssi ono l eading to formal propo sal fror.1 Devel op er will b e :;c.1-sdule1.
,hme 21, 1968
· Visited Hr. Eugtme Wells of mm At lanta to advise him th2.t re zonin'"" pct itior.
was approi.,:cd by Boar-J. of Alderi.i;.;.n and to inquire i.ibout s ch e.iule fo r ::r ocos 3ing
c1.pplication for t.ent J.tive sltc approval subr:d.ttcJ. by AHAo Hro 1.: ells con i'i !'ned
that application w:.-?.s being processed and that n r cpori could be expect~d by ;~;:A
in about two weekno

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