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He Fo Zimmerman

Je He Leopold
March 6, 1969

Atlanta Housing Authority - Jonesboro Road Project

December 2, 1968

Development Conference at HUD attended by representatives from AHA, HUD,
Architect, Contractor and Developere Changes suggested by HUD Technical
Review Branch were agreed upone

December 17, 1968

Forwarded to AHA modifications to Option Agreements covering the three
land parcels comprising site. Options extended from December 17, 196S to
April 10, 1969.

January 24, 196

Forwarded to AHA Memorandum of Understanding listing changes agreed upon
during December 2, 1968 Development Conference.

February 13, 1969

Forwarded drawings and outline specifications updated to reflect HUD and
AHA comments during December 2, 1968 Development Conference.

February 20, 1969
Forwarded to AHA survey plat and legal description of site property.

March 3, 1969

Received written comments from HUD Technical Review Branch on drawings and
specifications submitted February 13.

March 4, 1969

Engaged services of Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory to make soil investigation
of sites maport expected by March li.

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