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April 18, 1968

Memorandum t
Fromg3 Malcolm Jones
Re Honor Farm No. 1 (Federal Pen Site)

Several days ago Collier Gladin suggested that I try to get private

developers interested in this site; and recently Dan Sweat asked me to
work with Collier Gladin and Howard Oppenshaw in trying to expedite
developnent of the housing portion of this site.

On April 10 I had a scheduled conference with a prospective developer
for this site, Mr, Howard Oppenshaw of the Housing Authority and
Mr, Dick Case of HUD participated in the conference, Subsequently [ have
discussed the matter with Collier Gladin and others interested in this


Title to the property is now in General Services Administration,
Topographic map (2! interval) of the area has been prepared and is in
hands of the Housing Authority. The State Highway Department has
furnished the center~line for the Expressway and is working on slepe
boundary lines, However, the State Highway Depertment cannot accurately
define and confirm the Expressway boundaries until after it holds a
Public Hearing several weeks hence.

A small contiguous triangle shaped tract, acquisition of which is
considered desireble for inclusion in the overall project, is owned by
private interests. It could be acquired seperately by the Housing Authority
and ite acquisition should not delay development of the lend to be dedicated
by the Federal Goverment.

Mr. Oppenshaw is now working on a tightly timed development schedule
for 15 single=fanily lots in a portion of the area adjacent to the existing
Thomasville Urban Renewal Project. This should continue and this portion

should be handled separately from the remainder of the housing portion

of the Federal Pen site,

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