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Housin g Consult an ts
James S. Robinson, president
900 Peachtree Stree t
Atlant a. Georgia 30309
Phone 404 875-0781
June 3, 1968
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Re: Rawson-Washington Urban
Renewal Project
Martin Luther King, Jr. , Village
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
I am writing at the requ e st of Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., in reply to
your letter of May 31, 1968, regarding the progress of the above captioned
project. Please be advised that the Application-Project Mortgage Insurance
(FHA Form 2013) with preliminary plans and sp e cifications were submitted
to the Atla nta Insuring Offi c e of the Fed era l Housing Ad ministration this
morning, June 3, 19 68. The Federal Housing Administration has e x pressed
its eagernes s and willingness to e x p e dite th e processing of this case in
order to provide th is ne e ded housing at the earliest possible date .
A considera ble amount of time and effort has been e x p e nded by the
Ebe ne zer Ba ptist Church and its repres e ntative s to insure the deve lopm e nt
of a resid e ntia l community which e mbodies the most ad vance d thinking in
multifa mily liv i n g.
Our deve lopment plan provides for a high ris e buildin g con s isting of twe l v e
stories, pre s enting a pa norama vi e w of downtow n Atl a n ta , th e expre ss
ways and the spaciou s spl e ndor of the City . This i s the fir s t atte mpt to
de velop a high ri se cons tru c tion under Sectio n 2 2l(d) (3) of the Na tiona l
Housing Ac t i n th e City of Atlan ta . With the i ncreas ing a waren e s s of th e
ne e d for hi gh r:ise residenti a l faciliti es , it is i mpera t i ve tha t low to
modera te i ncome fam ilies , especia lly fa milies with out children , are pro vid ed for i n h i gh ri se constructio n in C entra l City. Larg er fam ili e s will
fi nd spacio us accommodation s in 2 , 3 or 4- bedroom s i ze u nits with the
3 and 4 bedroom units designed with 1 1/2 baths . All low rise units are
town houses and garden type, two -s tory wa l k-up apartments, w i th amp l e

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
- 2 -
play areas and enclosed patios. A pedestrian walkway, free of vehicle
traffic, allows for safe access throughout the development.
A community shopping center consisting of approximately 7,000 square
feet form an integral part of this development concept which will provide
the daily essentials for residents and the general community. In addition,
an office building complex of approximately 3200 square feet, is incorporated in this community center, providing space for professional
offices and convenient type stores and shops. A day nursery designed to
accommodate preschool-age children of working mothers has been given
special study and the result of this intensive investigation regarding the
special needs of these children are reflected in our day-care center. A
coin-operated laundry facility is also provided. Our development plan
utilizes open spaces and green belts in order to provide a character of
individuality and sense of pride and appreciation. The total 19 3 unit
complex will be served by central air conditioning and heating.
We feel that Martin Luther King, Jr. , Village will be an exciting and
important addition to the City of Atlanta and a major step forward in the
development of residential communities in urban areas.

Your continued interest and coopera tion is greatly apprecialed.

l /ery truG

)'r 2
cc: Martin Luth e r King, Sr.
Mr. Cary S. Hooks
Mr. Cecil Al exa nder
Mr. Albert Thompson
'{ ) ':-,

,· ·/ /; ,,, ~c _ ,

es S. Robinson
- -

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