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June 11, 1968

MEMORANDUM TO: Mr. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman
Housing Resources Committee

Pursuant to your suggestion, several days ago I talked to
Jim Parham about E.0.A,. providing administrative support to
Lee Burges‘ newly organized Housing Development Corporation and
informed him of our previous contact with Bill Allison regarding
this matter, At that time Mr. Parham did not appear to be familiar
with it, but said he would talk with Bill Allison and look at the
file on the subject which was provided to Bill Allison by Hall Ware.

Following the Housing Resources Committee Meeting June 6, Mr.
Parham discussed the matter with me and provided me with the attached
copy of "A Proposal to Form the Atlanta Housing Development Corporation",
Mr. Parham stated that he is very spmpathetic with the idea of
E,0.A. providing administrative support for the Housing Development
Corporation; that he will need, however, the following indicated
material in order to present and justify this matter to his Board,
which he feels will be inclined to act favorably upon it:

(A) A copy of the Legal document of Incorporation
of the Housing Development Corporation,

(B) A statement of the Corporations functions,
scope of operation, and principal activities,
as actually established (not the “proposal”
for formation of the Corporation, as contained
in the attached.)

(C) A list of the Corporation's Board of Directors
(Mr. Parham stated that it would be easier for
E.0.A, to support the Housing Development Corporation
administratively, if the Board of Directors
contains representation from the poor).
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dune 11, 1968

(D) A statement as to how the Housing Development
Corporation will benefit the poor.

(E) Budget (including breakdown by principal items).

NOTE: At the time of our conversation Mr. Parham insisted that
I give him some concept as to what the total amount of the budget
would probably be, I told him that I did not know, as I felt this
would have to be worked out with the Director, selection of which I
understand is now being considered, but that I anticipate that it
‘would be in the neighborhood of $25,000 per year, principal items of
which would be the salaries of the Director and Secretary, office
supplies and postage.

Mr. Parham said that as soon as the above information is
presented to him, he will submit a formal proposal to his Board for
inclusion of this item in E.0.A.'s further activities. I feel that
we should provide him as quickly as possible with information he
has requested.

Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator


Encl: Copy "A Proposal to Form The Atlanta Housing Development

CC:Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.

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