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(Commenced Nov. 15, 1966) Total dwelling units permitted in Atlanta:
1963 - 9,129 1966 - 2,382
5 yr. Program, 1967-71 1964 - 3,829 - 1967 - 4,630
1965 - 2,656 1968 - 1,810 (thur Apr.)

1% estab. for first 2 yr. 100% (57%) (13%) (30%)
| Goal (Same % used for 5 yr. period) 16,800 (9,576) (2,184) (5,040) (0)

| Status ; *No. Units PH. & TK. FHA 221 Pvt. Devlp. (Conv.) Elderly & N.H.
May 15 Jan 15 May 15 Jan 15 May 15 Jan 15 May 15 Jan 15
Completed (new Const.) 2,031 S12 (82) =e (510) (400) (1,439) (912)

| Under Construction 5,108 3,701 (910) (790) (1,188) (565) (3,010) (2,346) |

Total in Sight 14,290 11,595 *%8,906) (3,010) (5,349) (4,833) (4,589) (3,306)

Increase-Deficit -2,510 -5,205 (-5,670) (-6,566) (73,165) (2,649) (-451) (-1, 734)

In Plannin 4-9 OL 6,582 (2,914) (2,220) (3,651) (3,868) (140) (48)
i Ss 22708 a ak ae ome To)

Being considered (all categories) 2,994 4,481
Did Not Materialize See Note A.

*Figures in this column are basic and represent the entire program.
( ) Indicates breakdown by programs, of figures included in basic column.

*kIn addition, 658 units have been leased for P.H. and leasing of 372 additional units for P.H. is being negotiated.

Also 13,983 units have been reported by the Housing Code Division as repaired (rehabilitated). However, those figures include unit
found in compliance on original inspection. It is estimated that 75% of this figure, or 10,487 sub-standard units have been
brought into compliance through actual rehabilitation. 218 units have been rehabilitated by the H.A, in the West End U.R. Project.
These do not increase the number of housing units available, but do increase the supply of standard units.

Note: Includes only units financed under Federal assisted low and medium income housing programs; and

units constructed under conventional financing as follows:
Multi-family units costing not more than $10,000, exclusive of land ° Respectfully submitted,

Duples units " e mM " $12,000, ® “ "

Single family units " s 5 " $15,000 a ” ip s = .
Summary of Public Housing in Atlanta : : tiple cluvaKX 5*Z«0,Co
Malcolm D. Jongs

Notes : : ‘ :
Inventory of Low and Medium Cost Housing in Atlanta (with office copies only) Housing Coordinator

S374 ° .

* (650)





Encl. #1



Existing Units in operation - filled.
Units in Development stage, as follows:

Units under construction off McDaniel St., in Rawson-Washington U. R. Project (scheduled for

completion in '68)
(248) Spring '68 (82 of these units completed 5-15-68)

(402) Fall '68

' Units under construction in Perry Homes Extension - South of Procter Creek.

(78) 3 Bedroom
(46) 4 Bedroom Bids opened March 7, 1967. Permit issued May '67. Const.

(16) 5 Bedroom on schedule for completion by Nov. '68; 48% completed 5-15-68.

Units planned for Thomasville U. R. Project
(40) 1 Bedroom (16 elderly) Bids opened May 15, 1968. 12 months, at least, required for
(120) 2 Bedroom construction. Will try to have part delivered before final.

(80) 3 Bedroom
(80) 4 Bedroom
(30) 5 Bedroom

Units reserved
(Allocations made by HUD to date; Hollywood Rd., 202; Gilbert Rd., 220: Bankhead Hwy., 500;

and Honor Farm #1, 450)
(500 units of this reservation are approved. for allocation to the leasing program, to be replaced

Units allocated for leasing program; can only be utilized for Public Housing as they become vacant,
Allocation requested for 230 additional units to the leasing program.

Units under lease (8 locations)

Negotiations under way for leasing 372 additional units.

Total Potential

*Figures in ( ) in this column are included in figure above; not in ( ).




L,022 units proposed did not materialize, of which 8,056 were shown in the previous report of Jan. 15, 1968 and 2,966 additional I
units are listed in this report, as Lost. (The majority of these losses were due to disapprovals of sites and proposed rezoning.) I

Proposed locations for low-cost housing are coordinated through the Planning Dept., for adequacy of Community Facilities, existing Hy
or prosposed. Proposals are also reviewed periodically with the School Dept. for adequacy of school facilities. .
An engineering firm from Savannah, McNamara & Associates, Consulting Engineers, has recently made presentations in Atlanta of a
"patent applied for" low-cost housing method of construction with flexible design, which is claimed can be constructed quickly on
site, employing mostly untrained labor and at a savings of 10%-15% under conventional construction. This firm established :
connections with a reputable construction firm in Atlanta and a local architect. This team is anxious to acquire a 10 acre tract
in the Model Cities area to construct an experimental Housing project.

The Travelers Insurance Company has agreed to finance 70 or more new single family low-cost houses in the Thomasville Urban Renewal
project area under the FHA 221 D (2) insured mortgage program. Equitable has made $1,000,000 available to Atlanta Mortgage Brokeragé«

Co. for financing low-cost homes at favorable rates.

In view of difficulties encountered in zoning and getting other approvals on sites proposed for large multi-family developments,
it is apparent that the Low-income Housing Program will have to lean heavily on Developers and Builders providing a substantial
portion of the requirements on small scattered sites, with or without Federal assistance.

No proposal had yet been made for construction of units (even efficiency or 1 bedroom) to rent or sell for as low as $50 per month,
although the London Towne Houses, a 221 d (3) co-op development now under construction, is pushing this close, with its one
bedroom unit advertised to sell for $59 per month. The City's greatest need is in the $30-$50 per month rental-purchase range.

Richard L. Fullerton Associates has proposed a fibre glass "manufactured" patented process, 3 bedroom and bath house. (900 sq. ft.
& car port) with w-to-w carpeting and air conditioning, which he claims can sell for $9,000-$9,500, including land estimated to

cost $1,500.
National Homes Corp. of Lafayette, Inc. placed on the market Fab. 1, 1967 a 800--900 S.F. (0.S. dimensions) 3 bedrooms, prefabricated

preassembled panel, single family house plus a 96 S.F. (I.S. dimensions) storage building manufactured by Arrow Metal Products Corp. ,|
to sell under FHA 221 d (2). Price includes plumbing, electrical, heating units, stove & refrigerator. Houses can be completely
assembled in 85 man hours; 72 of these (with conventional plumbing) are being erected (pre-sold) in the Thomasville Urban Renewal
Area. Approx. 800 sq. ft. house is priced at $11,200; 900 sq. ft. house is priced at $11,600. Adrian Homes Cor. has proposed a
prefab to retail for about $7,500 plus land, foundation, closing and possible tapping fees. Other prefab distributors and convent- |
ional builders have interesting potential houses to offer but, because of fear of local Codes difficulties, are not producing single
family houses in Atlanta to sell in the $10,000-$12,500 range for which there is a strong demand and market. Perhaps the greatest
difficulty is availability of suitably priced land within the City Limits. Economics for this price range sales housing require
land which will not cost the developer more than $1500.per unit. (A 5,000 sq. ft. lot is considered ample for this type house.)

Ralph L. Dickey of Atlanta has proposed a non-profit revolving fund enterprise to acquire substandard housing; renovate it and resell
primarily through private enterprise. CACUR recently formed a non-profit corporation to rehabilitate exisint units under 221 (h)..
Morris Brown College is another such sponsor. North West Community Forum has also filed applications for « 4 projects under 221 (h).

Information is welcomed as to corrections, additions or deletions of material contained in this report. (Call 522-4463 Ext. 430.)


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