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June 3 , 1968
Several weeks
rs. Charles W. Heeden of Lithonia
(telephone 482-6149) called me concerning her property at 512•14
Decatur St., S. E.
This property was under Housing Code
proceedings sever 1 y ars go , together itb other properties in
the s me block on either side of tb Heeden prop rty.
the top
St ., S .
cost of
a result of th Housing Code procedures and y person 1
at that tie to enfo ce the Code, the Heeden ' s removed
floor (residential) of the building at 512-14 Dec tur
E. and re odeled the ground floor for business at a
approximately 12,000 .
I infor ed Mrs . Headen that I
no long r directly
involv din Code Enforce ent and referred her to r . J mes A.
Smith, Chief of the Housing Code Division.
This date, Mrs. He den call d e ag in and read to e
rec nt Court Order (copy att ched) p rt ining to the properties
adjacent to b rs ind informed e that her Insur nc Comp ny ha
cancelled her insur nco on the prop rty at 512-14 Dec tur St . nd
th t she cannot get insurance itb ny other oo p ny b caus of
the fire haz rd caused by th adj e nt properti s.
rs . R den pecifically requested that l brin this
to th
tt ntion of th M yor; that b c plied 1th th
reque t to i prov the property at 512-14 Dec tur St.
owner of th
dj c nt prop rti
r in wor
than b r ) b v done nothin and th t she 1s now th victi of
circu t nces by da ge being o used by tb
djac nt prop rtie.
This t.s a ca e of long standing. Housin Cod viol tions
on the
prop rti s w r r port d nd eorr ctiv
otion initl led
in 1961, '63 nd '64. The tt ched court Ord r p rt in to th
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June 3. 1968
emorandum For Record
follo ·ing properties :
emorial Drive ,
615 emorial Drive ,
510 Decatur Street ,
516 Decatur Street ,
530 Decatur Street ,
S . E.
S . E.
S. E.
S. E.
S. E.
This case is making a mockery of the Housing Code_and
"In Rem" Orelin nee of the City of Atlanta . I as personally
involved in enforcement procedures against these properties,
as Director of Urban Re ewal , during the period of 1961-64 .
Subsequently, as Supervisor of Inspection Services in the
Building Department, I discussed this case at length personally
with Judge Whitman of the Fulton County Su ior Court and with
r . Robert H. Cleveland, receiver for the executors of the
Estate of rs . E. c. Johnson, deceased .
I recommend that these properties be personally inspected
by any one involved with this c se and that the best legal
talent available be utilized in an 11 out effort to resolve
this case in behalf of the City .
Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator
Copy of Court Order dated
ay 23, 1968.

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