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Box 5, Folder 6, Document 26

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May 31, 1968
Mr . M . B . Satterfield
Exe cutive Dire ctor
Atlanta H ousing Authority
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Satt:
Of the sevei-al categories of low-income housing to meet the
Citys five yeal" goal, Public Housing , including Turnkey
development, is the category in which we are currently m o st
Locatmg suitabl sites for this typ development is extremely
· difficult nd expei,ience to d te indicate that w cannot ffol'd
to leave most of thi problem up to the hopeful developer •
In order to speed up con trued.on· of the Public Housing unit
which we h · ve l" el'ved; I would lik for the Housing Authority
to assume responsibility fol' d velopment, by the Hou ing
Authority its lf (old m thod), of 1, 000 units of our cu.rrent
rv tions , i.n ddltlon to the Public Hou ing unit cu1"rently
planned foJ' the .xi ting Thom ville Urb n Ren wal project,
th B edford-P in Urban Renew l project n d H onor F rm No. l
sit .
W will endeavor to s i t you in ev ry w y f dbl
obt lning suit-bl
it tor th •
ddltlon 1 •
S inc: r l y y ou.I' ,
c: Mr. Edwi n L. Ste _
All n , Jr.
May or

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