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May 31, 1968

Mr. Lee Burge
Retail Credit Company
P. O. Box 4081
Atlanta, Georgia 30314

Dear Lee:

Cecil Alexander has informed me of the excellent work you have
been doing as Chairman of the Finance and Non-Profit Funds Panel
of our Housing Resources Committee in establishing a Non-Profit
Housing Development Corporation to assist development of low-
income housing in Atlanta.

I understand that this is pretty well lined up now, including an
initial operating fund.

I wish to congratulate you on this worthy accomplishment and to
suggest that formal announcement of the corporation's purpose
and actual existence be made to the public soon and that the
corporation become actively engaged in assisting low-income
housing, new development and repair of existing dwellings, as
goon as possible.

I wish to personally thank you and your Committee for your efforts
in this field and to wish you success in the corporation's endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.

ce: Mr. Cecil Alexander

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