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Mey 17, 1968

ir. Ezar BD. Ehrenkrants


Building Systeus Developuent, Inc.
120 Broadyey

San Francisco, California 91111

Dear tir. Ehrenkrantz:

: mal

Je appreciate your letter of Nay 16, 1968, on the apolication
of Building Systems to the development of housing in Nodel Cities
Areas. We, however, are not involved in this type development,

and would have little to offer to your progran.

However, we have taken the liberty to forward your letter to
two developors end consultants who have presented system approaches
to us. I em sure they will be in contect with you.

If we cen be of further assistance, please feel free to call
Very truly yours,

James W. Henley, dr.
Chief, Progran Services Branch

Richard L, Pullerten & Associates
; 7
L _

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