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AttcJcr.w;nt C to
RFP H-..22-68
Definition. For the purpose of this Clause, "publication" includes
any ci.oct11aent containint:; inforn!3 tion intended for puhlic co:1st:mption or
the act of, o:c any act which m3.y resuit in, disclosing inforrr.3 tion to
the public.
General. The results of the re s ca1·ch and studies conducted ur.der this
contl·act are to be n:adc av.:iilable to the public throu2;h dedication,
assignment to the GoYernm::mt ,. o::c such other .means as the Secreta:cy of
Housi;1g and Urban Dcvelo1Jment sha ll dete1·mine, as requi:ced under Title
III of the Housing Act of 19!~8, as arc.ended (12 U.S.C. 1701e).
Reports i-1.1.rnish-::d the Cove1·m.:2nt. All int e rrr.edfate and. fi:lal r e.9orts
of the ::ce Ee a-cch and studi e s conducted hc:::ceunde r sha ll ir.dica te or, the ·
cover or other initial page th8t the resea:cch and studies fcnc1ing th:~
basis for the 1·eport s;-rerc conducted pursuant to a conti·sct with the
Office of the Secretary, Depart~..:2nt of Housing and Ur b irn Dc relopm·2 nt.
Such reports a rc officia l Gov<2rn.:-,ent p r operty and may not be publish(,d
·or r eprodu c e d (in toto, in verbGtir.i. e xcerpt, or in form a ppro:d.r.t:i-t -ing
either of these ) as a n unoff icia l pa p Gr ·o r a i·ticle. Unless :-;t:ch repor t s
are pla c ed in the· publi c dorr:a in by Goverm~e nt puolicGtion, ~-r.citt e n
permission to publish or r e produce them in whole or in pa:r·t in a nonGovernmenta l _publica tion s hall lle obta:l.ned from the Contracting Offic e r.
Public c:1 t ion b y Go;iernrc.ent. The Of fic e of the Sec re t ary: D-=9n1: tr:1t2nt
of Housing and U1·ca n De ve l opment , sha ll ha v e full right to pu bl i s h :'lll
inf ori::a tion , d.a t a , nnd findi ng s de ve l oped as a r e su lt o r' t h e 1·e :;;c::o :::ch
and studi es c onducted he t cunder . Such publication will, at the opt ion
of the Cont r" c to1· (excep t in t he c,1 se o f quote d e xc e1·pt _:, f r o:-~ t he
Contract or ' s r eport), c redit the Contra c to r and i t s p r i nc ip3 l p~ r s ~n ne l
i nvolved b y fo rewo1·d o r i n i tinl f ootnot e to t he pub lica tion in fo r:1
s ub sta ntia lly as follows:
The r ~s c arch a nd s tudie s forming the b as i s fo r thj s r ~port
were conduet c d t h r ongh cont l'a ct '.·rith ( H::irne o f Contrc1 ctc r )
by (N::m.e o r na rr:e s of :9rlncip::il p er~wnnc l ) . Exc ept as othe r~:ise indi0.,, t cd , the D-29.1 r t r(tC: nt o f Hou sin.-:; an::l Ur'r. .-; n Dev 0l o.9mt:~ nt acc -=p t s r e s ponsib il5.ty f or t he: c c:~c lus ton s ht.':rei n s t ::1te d .
. .. - ..
�·-· - - .. . - · .
- __.,__ . - .
. .., , ,.;
... _. -
Attachment C to '
RFP H- 22-68
Sensitive Inform3 tion. The Contractor slwll not publish or otherwise disclose, ei:ccpt to .the Government and c:<cept n«:i tters of publ.i c
record, any info:cr;:cition or delta obtained hereunder from pd.v-:1.te
individuals, organizDtions, or p llb).ic ar;encies, in a publicrj tion ·
whereby the information or data furnjshed by any particular person or
establishr.tent can be iden_tifiecl, except with the consent of such
person or establishment, or if the publication of such inforrnotion
or data by the Secretary of Hou.sing and Urb;;n Development except with
the consent of such person or establishment would be prohibited under
section 602 (d) 7 of th~ Housing Act of 1956,_ 12 U.S.C. l'(0ld-3(d),
F ..
Inclusion of P::ro 1risions in Contractor's A8recmcnts. The Contractor
sha~. l incl\.ide provisions appr_o priatc to effectua te the purposes of this
Clause in all contra cts of employment wlth persons who perform <lny
part of the research ur study under this contract and any consult3nt's
agreements involving research or study hereunder.
' .
' I
The patentable results of r esearch and development conducted under the
contract and all inforrn:ition, desie;ns, specifications, know--how, dai-a,
and fincline~ developed in the performance of thi s contract shall be r"r.d.::
available to the public through dedicati on , assie;mt:ent to the Goven~.,.~rit,
publication , or .s uch other means as the SecrE;tary of Housing and. Urbnr.
-·- - Develop,~ent shall det2rrnine. The Contractor a grees (1) to e:oope}:ate in
the preparc:ition and prosecution of ~ny dome s tic or fo reign patcn.'t appJ.i- .
cations which the Gove rnr:,ent ro.ay decide to unde rtnke. co';ering the subj ect
matter abov-e dcscri'bed, (2) to execut e all l?apcrs requisite in t he pr~secution of such p~tent applications, including assignments to th~ United
States ancl dedications, and (3) to secure the c oopcra'cion of Technical
Personnel (euch employee or consul ta nt ,wrking unde r the dir~ction of
Contractor or subcont:ca ctor hereunder) in the prcparntion and tl.c e}:ecL:tion.
of al l such pape: r s as m1y b e r eq_u i rE:cl in th~ p r osecution of such pate nt
applica tions or in orde r to v e s t t itle in the subj ect matt er involved in
the United Stat"=s, or to secure the rieht to free use in the pubJ.ic.
The Contractor shall disclos e in the n~ll final report all inventions,
impl'ovemc nts, a ncl. discoveries developed in the pe:1·fon,::: nce of th:i s co:"itract, and shall c e rtify on the ia·st p.'.lgc o f such report thr:t to the b -:::st
of hi s knm:lcdo;e a nd. b elief su ch di s closure ha s b een ma de t hcrd n.
The Conh·a ctOi: sha ll inc lude p2·ovisions appr op1:ia t e to ef:fe ct 1. 1.,1t c thi'c!
purpos es of thi s Clause i n a ll contr c:?ct s of cmpl aym,::nt witi1 pcr·uJ!ls Fl to
p erform a ny pnrt of the r esea i'ch or develo1n ,2i~t i.rn:lcr thi s c o~,t1·c, ct and.
in a.ny c onst.Ll.ta n t ' s agre ewGnt s or subcont r.sic t s in; r e3 e:nrch or
d cvcl c1)mc n t her cuncle 1·.

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