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Mir Svrea!

May 16, 1968
Mr. Robert L. Yells, Mgr.
Lockheed Industrial Products
1250 Chattahoochee Avenue
Atlante, Georgia 30319
Dear Mr. Wells:

We wish to thank you for your willingness to serve on the Business
Paxticipation Panel of the Housing Resources Committee and to confirm
your appointment by Mayor Allen as a member of this Committee.

We regret to lose the services of Mr, Arthur Jenkins, Director,
Industriel Relations, Lockheed, who has served on this Committee since
its inception, but who has suggested that your position with Lockheed
would be more appropriate for representation on the Business Participation
Panel than his activities.

Your experience, advice and assistance in this field will be
welcomed and i am sure will be very helpful to the low and medium income
housing program in Atianta.

We have already provided you under separate cover with the following
background material pertaining to this Committee and ite activities,

Copy, Speech by Mayor Allen, Mayor's Conference on
Housing, November 15, 1966.

List of those already serving on the Committee.

Statenent of broad functions of the Committee and its
respective Panels.

Housing Resources Committees, "White Paper", dated May 31, 1967,
Copy of Annual Report of the Housing Resources Committee,

Summary, Status of accelerated Low-Income Housing Program,
January 15, 1968,


Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman
Housing Resources Coumittee

CC: Mayor ivan Allen, Jr.

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