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April 22, 1968
Memorandwn To:
Mayor Allen
Dan E. Sweat, Jr. I;: a.,..___
Director of Governmental Liaison
Attached are two memorandwns dated April 18 and April 19 respectively,
prepared by Malcolm Jones, re the Honor Farm No. l site and containing
some specific recommendations for getting housing development started
there soon.
Collier, 1alcolm and I have discussed the at t ached and I believe
are in general agreement except possibly Malcolm's recommendation
the 24 acre portion of the site, currently desi gnated for a Junior Hi gh
School-Communit y Center development, be converted to additional low-income
It appears too early yet to mal<:e such determination.
The urgency f or starting development on the
single-family lots
is to meet Federal insistance for ground breaking in May on at least a
token development for low-income housing.
( would pl ace Atlanta
first on actual utilization of Federal dedicated sites for low-income
housing) .
The concensus of opinion now seems to be to assume that development
will not be thru the Urban R~newal process.
If you concur in this at
this t i.Iiie, the following steps should be taken immediately to get the
ball rolling:
A~k the Housing Authority to get a stor y or advertisement in
the newspapers not later than April 28, alerting interested developers
�Page 2
Memorandum To: Mayor Allen
April 22, 1968
that proposals will be called for soon and as close to May 1, 1968 as
possible, for submittal within 30 days.
Request the Housing Authority to prepax·e package invitations,
containing essential material, to interes t ed developers as soon as
possible (with target date of May 1) for ~ubmittal of proposals
within 30 days; for starting construction within 6 months after the
award; and for completing construction within 2 years from starting date.
Plan for review of proposals and selection of developer within
days after submittal of proposals.
Memos dated April 18 and April 19

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