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April 29, 1968
Mr . Leon J . Noga, Dil'ettotPublic Systems Laboratory
Washington ScienQe Center
Litton Systems , .lnc .
Applied Science Division
7300 Pearl Stli'eet
Bethesda , Maryland 20014
Subjecte Cooperation during performance of HUD Experimental
Housing Re eareh and Development. Program
Dear Mr. Nog :
In i-eply to youi- 1 tt ~ of April 19 to M yo1" Ivan Allen, I am
enclo ing 1i t of key citlmen and contact pe on in th are
of housing research nd development.
I would :t commend that any initi cont ct by your office be
with Mir. Johnny C. John on, Db· etor- of Mod .1 Citle Program;
535 Hill SU>eet, Atl ..ta (t l phon 524-,8876);· nd Mi-. M lcolm
Jon , Hou ing Cool'din tor, Ollie of th Mayo11." , City of Atlanta.
They will b · gl d to
i t you in addition contaci or th
provision of any
eai-ch mater · 1 you mlght wish.
Slncei-ely you.wa,
Dan Swat
DS :fy
Mr . Cecil A . Alexandew, Chairman
Housing Resoui-ces Committee
Finch. Alexandel",, B rnes, Rothschild 8t Paschal
10th Floosr • Standard Federal BuilHing
44 Broad Street, N . W.
Atlal'lta; Georgia 30303
Mr . Arch i' D. Smith, III, Attol'ney
Hannon and Thack ton
1944 National Bank of Georgia Building
Atl t , Georgl
Dl' . Edwin Ha'l'rieon, Pre ident
Georgi Instltu: of Technology
225 North Av nue , N. W ..
Atla.nt , Georgia 30313
Mr •. Moreland Smlth, Director
Urban Pl nning Project
South rn Regional Council,, Inc.
5 Forsyth Street. N.. W .
Atlant , Georgia 30303
Mr. Robert C. Wa
Mo.-ton Road t St t&brid
Alphar it , G otgl
Mw. L e Burge, Pr ld nt
B t U Ci- dit Comp ·~
P,, 0 . Box 4081
Atlanta. Geor a 30302
Mr. A. B. Pad tt, Tru t Office~
T~u t Company ol G orgi
P. 0 . Box 4418
.AUu ,, Geor
Mr. Harollton Do la•,,
N donal B · , of Ci ors
~- J
WU• , P
Hol' •WUecm Com
16 P
r St


ef.d n.t
• W.
30 l
�Mr . Edwin L . Sterne, Chairman
Atlanta Housing Authodty
639 Trust Company of Georgia Building
Atlanta; Georgia 30303
M.r . Clarence D . Coleman
Regional Director
National Urban League
136 Mattietta Street, N. W .
Atlanta , Geo11gla 30303
Mr . Charles F . Palrnez, i President
Pabne~; lnc .
Palmer Building
41 Marietta Stre t
Atlanta, Georg· 30303
Mr. Jim E . Land
Chief Enginee~ fo.- Georgia
Southern Bell T !ephone and Telegraph Company
805 P ac;htree Str t, N . E .
Atlant , Georgia 30308
Dr. Vivian H nd 't on, President
Cl l'k College
240 Che tnut Sti- et, S . W.,
Atlanta, Georg 30314
Mt . Duane B ek, Ex <:utive Director
Commu:nlty CouncU o1 the Atlanta Ar a, Inc.
100 Olenu Building
Atlant ,, Oeot
D an ~Ul m

r ckaon

School of Socl l Wo k
Atl nta Univ
223 Ch stnut Str t S. W.
Atlant , Geor t 30314
Mr, Willie.m. C. B rtholo
Chal1'nlatl and P aid nt
AU.n Br
P. 0, Box 14064
Atl nta., G o
M:r. Da.1 Cla
Di.. tol' of Public A
· I'
w a .. Tv
lSSl Brlarc:1Ut
Atl ta, Geor
�Mr. Ray M oore
News Directo~
1601 West Peachtre Str·e et, N . E .
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Col . Malcolm D . Jone
Housing Coo:rdinatoiO£!ie e o! the Mayo:i,
1204 City HaU
Atlanta, Geol'gia 30303
Mr. W . W . Gat~e
Housing Resources Committee
.1Z04 City Hall
Atl nta,, Cieorgia 30303
Mi- . Georg W. K nn dy, Chah::man
Hou ing -.»,d Red velopm nt Committe
Cb.amber of Commerce
1300 Commorce Building
Atlant • Georgl 30301
Mr •. Johnny C . JQhneon, Dit ctor
Mod 1 Citie Progr m
565 HiU Str et , Geor
a 3031Z

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