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Box 5, Folder 7, Document 21

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April 25 , 1968
Mr . Edward H . Baxter
Regional Administrator
Departm.ent of Housing and
Urban Development
645 Peachtree-Sev nth Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30323
Dear Mr. Baxter:
With this letter I transmit an explanation of the need to convert
open-space p rk l nd in the Thomasville Urb n Renewal Project,
GA R-22 , to single family use.
Enclosed re original and two copies of the docementation
required by P ge 7 of Chapter 5 of th 11 0pen ..$pace Land
Program Guide. 11
l wUl appr ci te you giving urgent considetation to this ction
so that we may me t the May 20 target d te for: beginning
construction of the fir t unit on the Fed r 1 Pd on urplus
prop rty.
Sincer ly your ,
lv n All n, Jr.
Enclo ur s

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