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September 16, 1968
r. Cecil A. Alexander~ Chairman
Housing Resources Committee
The attached paper was used tod y by Rodney Cook in expl ining to
the Bo rd of Aldermen actions taken on the August 2 propos ls by the
Housing Resources Committee.
The request for 2,000 additional units of Public Housing w s presented
in b t ppe red to be a sort of baokb ded
nner in a Finance Committee
paper requesting Fed ral Grant Reservation of 800,000 to support 2,000
units of Public Housing.
It as my und rstanding th t last Friday the r oommend t1ons of the
Hou lng Resouro _s Co itt e for revision of the Non-Conforming Use
Ordinanc wer finally turn dover to the Pl nning Dep rtment for study.
Ho ever, Rodney Cook stated to the Bo rd of Aldermen that tb Pl nning
nd Dev lop ent Com itt e ould not go long with the proposal of the
Bou ing Re ources Committee to permit tructural eh nges in non-conforming
resid nti l buildings nd bad instruct d th Pl nning Staff to ak
Pl nning nd Dev lopment Co
tte ' po ition kno n to th Zoning
Co itt
nd 0th r Depart nts nd C
itt es of the Board of Ald r n
bicb i ht b
ff cted.
Rodn y t t d t ice on
Bousin Re ourc s Co
floor of the Bo rd of
o mention
Or ln
ce .

of our r
u s t of r vi ion of th
r lc

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