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Interest of private developers in building

low-rent housing in Atlanta has been Wcl.Qing
recently, not because of the lack of funds , but
because of scarcity of suitable land zoned
fer such housing and the problems of getting
siittable land rezoned for such use.
method of attempting to rezone individual
tracts as developers express interest in those
tracts arises, is the preferable approach. He
expressed fear that · by a.ttempting wholesale
rezoning at one time, opposition to low-ren_t
housing would be able to concentrate its
forces .
•. There is capital available right now, and
However, past experience shows us that
there will be much more available under the there is usually enough opposition to indi$1.3 ·billion housing bill just passed by Con- vidual
rezoning proposals
the mayor's housing problem anyway. It also

The major problem remaining is zoning, is obvious that forces in this city which supajJd the city's Housing Resources Committee port an effective housing program for the poor

has come up with a proposal that might over- -and these forces are likely to be underesticome that problem. HRC has submitted to the mated-are not likely to be drawn in substanBoard of Aldermen a "package plan" whereby tial numbers to individual rezoning hearings.
land in all sections of the city now zoned in- But they are likely to be drawn to a hearing
dµstrial and single-family would be considered on the " package plan."
fqr rezoning for apartments at one time.
Already, substantial groups, from the At·: It is hoped that under such a program lanta Chamber of Commerce to the League
c¢mplaints that some sections are getting more of Women Voters and the Christian Council of
than their "fair share" of apartments-es- Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc., have endorsed the
pecially low-rent apartments-would be over-. " package plan."
come. ·
Here is . an opportunity to test the will of

Mayor Ivan Allen, although the city's lead- the people of this city to provide decent

in_g advocate of low-rent housing, opposes the housing for all its citizens. It is a test that ·
"package plan." He claims tha,t the present should be made.

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